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Listen, Snipy. No one talks shit on Aretha's hat. No one.

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Hm, it's almost as if a president a few decades back led a concerted effort to convince white America that federal assistance overwhelmingly went to poor undeserving urbans even though it isn't true.

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Dozens of people, multiple timezones...must have been a beast to schedule. I hope al Qaeda pay their administrative staff well.

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"One of the dirty little secrets of socialized medicine is that the rich, powerful and well connected seldom have to endure it."

That's like the opposite of our system, where the poor seldom have to "endure" any type of healthcare at all due to the fact that they can't afford it.

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Republicans, The Handmaid's Tale was a dystopian warning, not a damn instruction manual.

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Kessler Jr. is a rich kid raised by Mr. Scrooge and still cares enough about the poor to volunteer in homeless shelters? Sounds like a fucking saint. I've got a couch you can crash on if you ever need to get away from your Generation G(alt) pops, kiddo.

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Congrats! My second job in high school was at a family-owned ice cream shop. Only one employee was there at a time, so I sat around and read books and ate ice cream all day when it was slow. We had some security issues since it was just one teenage girl alone in the shop every night, but the big dudes from the biker bar next door would stop by and, uh, take care of it.

Still one of my favorite jobs I've ever had. Enjoy it!

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During jury selection questioning, my old boss always says that the justice system is a sham designed to put poor young black men in jail. She's never had to serve on a jury.

I actually really want to have jury duty at least once just out of curiosity, but I'd probably never get chosen since my opinion on the criminal justice system is...not too far from hers.

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Yeah, but this was a whole 'nother thing. My memory is fortunately failing me on most of the details, but I remember something about jumping on your kids after covering them with blankets and then letting them out when they stop struggling to simulate rebirth or something? It was child abuse hopped up on the Jesus crazy juice.

Maybe I thought it was less of a thing now just because I haven't heard of it in a while. Hopefully not.

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They have a similar thing with kids, too. But I think that's fortunately fallen out of favor after a bunch of kids, you know, died from horrific abuse.

Fuck these people, basically.