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I don't know what type of God you worship. The one I worship judges people on their actions and service, not what priest, minister, imam, or rabbi directs them to do. Personally, I have found people such as you who "bang the Bible" the most are the very same we can trust the least.

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Whether you agree or disagree with David Horowitz and Glenn Beck, few can dispute the fact that this world desperately needs more men of their caliber. Both serve as what is becoming rare in this country; i.e., role models for both adults and children.

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I include David Horowitz among those I most admire and respect. When my granddaughter, who entered her first year at a Catholic college, called to ask if I knew of David Horowitz I was pleased to tell her about him. Midway through commenting she interrupted to inform me the College Republicans had discussed David and highly recommended new members familiarize themselves with his work. A proud moment knowing my granddaughter shares my respect and admiration for David Horowitz and more proud of the fact she resisted the liberal indoctrination so prevalent in the majority of universities.

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You may consider taking an anger management course. Warren, the Progressives and Harvard's hypocrisy has been exposed. Don't kill the messenger (Daniel Flynn).

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Is this radical, Mohit, and the foreigners she represents really the type of people we want in this country? "Diversity" is destroying this country; unity was the foundation upon which this country was founded and grew.

Prof Jan Ting said it best when he stated we must implement a 5 year moratorium on all immigration. This will allow time to clean out the corruption, fire the inept, and restaff with moral and ethical people dedicated to serving those who petition to legally enter our country.

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I find it more than coincidental that mayors, policemen, reporters, priests, and children are routinely murdered by the barbarians in the Mexican drug cartels, yet nary a hand was/is ever laid on past president, Vicente Fox, current president, Felipe Calderon, and the world's wealthiest man, Carlos Slim. Obama sending his teenage daughter to a country that is blacklisted by our own country only further convinces me both the government of Mexico and the U.S. share in the profits of the drug cartels, and the cartels are not about to harm the people or families of those who facilitate the cross border sales of their multi-billion dollar trade.

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"right wing racist and sexist laws..." Really, Mr. Flesher? Please provide a further explanation of exactly what you consider "right wing racist and sexist laws."

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The Left have so tainted almost everything we once revered that it has reached the point whereby both the Nobel Peace Prize and the Pulitzer are held in as high regard as the trophy a kindergarten graduate brings home in June.

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Great article. However, I would add that there is one more goal of the Obama/Progressive/Radical minions and that is to silence any and every Conservative media host, as well as the millions of Americans who listen to them. What better way to do this than to appeal to the all too naive female voters who have yet to realize they are serving as useful idiots for Obama, Axelrod, Van Jones, and George Soros.

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What a void this magnificent warrior's passing will leave in this world. The legacy he leaves few can duplicate. Face to face with his Creator I have to believe a hand will be placed on his shoulder and the comment made: "Job well done."