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Sturgeon is just facing off the government's 4 nation response. She's basically hoping to draw Bojo in, then use her devolved powers to destroy the government's credibility in delivering a 4 nation response. Sturgeon is behaving like a usurper of sovereignty, where the sovereign government has the right to uphold its sovereignty on is whole 4 nation policies to contain the virus.

She would like nothing more than to see a sovereign response fail, so she can say to the Scottish people that sovereignty sucks and the only forward is Scotland's own sovereign independence.

The only way now to curb this, is to revisit the Scotland Act 1998 and its amendments to claw back control. Other than that? Put up with pretty much more of a shed load of the same propaganda twisting and turning and manipulating of any situation, wringing it out for every ounce of media attention that can be wrung until dry and move on to the next opportunity to inflate like a balloon! One day it might just go .... pop?

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I know it seems so, but I'm making comparisons and how worlds apart from myself and Mary, who kindly replied above these crazy in the same basket folk appear to those of us who care for a vulnerable relative. I just don't have the luxury of the freedom of choice here. I am a care key relative and am constantly on my guard, I see these covid denying protesters declaring it's all a con, all squashed together, no 2 metres apart, many with no face coverings and I think, thank god I don't live in london or any city. I measure my risk and how this could become a risk to my mother, by what I see around me, so have adjusted my behaviour accordingly. I hope I measured it right today, I hope I measure it right tomorrow and the day after and the day after that and so on ....

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Thank you for being understanding. 👍

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So basically now we must accept that a 'magic' vaccine is not going to happen, until it happens and we are going to have to learn and keep learning more as we go along with this virus in our lives.

Those of us who are, what I call us, the Key Relatives, who care for an elderly relative. I can only speak for myself, but expect other KR's will understand, just how we have had to seriously change our own lifestyles and always in the back of our minds, day in day out, cautious and protective of our own human contact in our communities, reducing it down and down, until virtually totally submissively conforming to protection of ourselves, just in case, because it is my greatest fear and would be a terrible guilt on my shoulders, if I unwhittingly spread it to my mother and she became another statistic!

Personally and again I can only speak for myself, but I'm getting fed-up with the conspiracy theorists, the 5G mast burners, the 'it's only flu' deniers, the anti-vaxxer brigade, the carping from all the opposition parties, the anxiety levels on the conservative back-benches and the endless stream of folk, who pass me by in the supermarket, while I'm now 'religiously' sanitising my hands and trolley and who just can't be bothered or are in a rush.

As the saying goes: If we don't hang together, we'll all hang alone"!

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Have you read the latest craze? People dressing up in the traditional costume of the plague doctor, shopping in the coop video for example on MSM Plenty more out there.

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I was talking in the context of: If Corbyn had won the GE in December. He didn't obviously, and people wondering if he had, how he as the country's PM and a Labour Government would have been any different. Points being, not very likely.

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[Puritans are enraged by this, and want to smash Johnson’s images. Their difficulty is that as they do so, they sound a bit self-righteous, and may even find the images are quite widely venerated.]

Bojo has been in the cross hairs of the liberals and socialists since becoming PM, because he is, of course, mainly a Brexit PM! So all this follow-on character assassination is more of the same for a now Brexit-Virus PM!

The onslaught has not collapsed the Conservative position, it is strained, but not demolished because folk aren't stupid. When there's this continual carping during a national crisis, some of it rubs off, but people do tend to say to themselves ... "Well what would Labour have done any different with Corbyn as PM", that Bojo hasn't done already?

Would Corbyn have gone down the herd immunity route instead and hoped the NHS that Labour is supposed to be so in love with, would not have been totally swamped? No, of course not, too risky. So no difference there.

Would Corbyn have used the NHS IT for tracking and tracing tech. Yes, because he would never contract out to the profiteering private sector, because he's a socialist/marxist. So not much difference there.

Would Corbyn have taken advice from government appointed chief medical and scientific officers and other boffins? Yes, because that would be expected of him. So no difference there.

Would Corbyn have used Blair's Civil Contingencies Act (2004) or Labour put their own Coronavirus Bill to parliament? Yes, because he detests Blair and would have wanted to stamp his own - brand - and legal authority on combating the virus. So no difference there.

Would Corbyn have gone for a full lockdown? Yes, because he wouldn't have been able to sustain the hammering from his own labour support in the NHS + unions, if the herd immunity gamble had been taken and not paid off. So no difference there, referring back to first point.

Now we're in a more difficult phase.

Would Corbyn have gone for local lockdowns? Yes, because he would have still had to take boffin advice. So no difference there.

Would Corbyn have gone for the various and changeable restrictions also coinciding with local lockdowns or national initiatives to combat the R levels? Yes, because like above, he would still be taking advice from his boffins. So no difference there!!!

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[In a Brixton prison cell there sits a patriotic man who once broke his 9 year old son’s right arm in an argument over a video game.]

Who is this guy? Tell us who is is? I assume he's white working class. Here we go again! The man who is a ((( patriot ))) must be a white supremacist racist + what's left of the traditional remnant of a labour voting eastender? So horrible and so foul and sinful of all things wrong with old labour and to make him even worse of a human being, not a remainer and not a labour voter anymore, he broke his son's arm over a video game!

I can't find that story on google. I'm pretty sure the tabs would have covered it? Find it and google link it for me and I'll back down happily.

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[This is why patriotism was such a dominant feature of Starmer’s speech. He talked about “the country I love”; his desire for Britain to be “the best country to grow up in and the best country to grow old in”]

Define patriotism? That's going to be one of Starmer's biggest problems, especially taking the knee definition of patriotism vs traditional lost labour belief in patriotism. I say in and not of, there is a fundamental difference. Luckily for Starmer today, Farage was hot on the heels with his Bojo attack over today's covid restrictions, which should be an indicator to CCHQ, that Farage is now moving his - grievance - messaging, well today anyway, away from the usual Brexit monitoring onto the establishment itself and its managing of covid vs civil liberty!

Honestly, I give up. I did say months ago that Farage would anchor down his post-brexit party support base on grievance, but do you listen? No. Why do I bother. Your real problem to hold down the new blue wall, as I also mentioned months ago, will be Farage, not Starmer. Farage has got the luxury of playing to his support base in both directions. Against Conservatives, on brexit and how this pans out and now conveniently directly attacking the distrusted 'establishment' over its handling of covid, now second time round! He let you off first time round, apart from the odd grumble.

But Farage will be watching Starmer very closely and how he tries from now on, to redefine labour's patriotism to his lost labour and what that really means to lost heartlands. Starmer will be pounced on when the time is right too, that will be reassuring at least to conservatives and that I can assure you, because it is necessary to reinforce the grievance message where there is the opportunity made open to do so, so Starmer won't be allowed a free rein.

The Conservative woes at present, under present circumstances regarding polling, are inevitable. You are in the realm of 'devil if you do and devil if you don't', because this virus is disrupting society as a whole and society is fed-up as a whole. It is where this fed-up at a whole breaks up and leads onto, where Farage in particular, is now setting down his foundations to establish his grievance post-brexit party, rooting down his core support, to eventually spreading it out further into those detatched and now disengaged from labour, but who voted conservative for the first time to get brexit done, but need a home come back to after brexit?

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Honestly. All these women and their "stuff"!