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[extra safe guards ...]

Disagree totally. How far do these extra safeguards have to go to be fair and balanced between judiciary and our law makers (mps) representing their constituents who've trusted in them to represent them?

No. For better or for worse, governance should never be interferred with and when law goes on to the statute, it should be supreme. The people get to decide who gets the best shot at this, for better or worse, at general elections, that's what they're for, that's democracy 'warts and all'.

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I look at it all this way. First of all, referring to and comparing to a supreme court with america that is federal and republic, grates with me for starters, and I can only think blair was hoping to set down the foundations of a uk republic, post-monarchy, post-crown, within a future federal union of european nations/members? I could be wrong, but go look up the TFEU to decide or not, if this functioning of the eu is or is not the precursor to a federal union? Make your own mind up.

But as we've left and moved on now, surely the basic principal relationship between the people and the law, should become stronger? When I go to the ballot box, I vote for a member of parliament to represent me and if the party I vote for, conservative always, happens to win a working majority, then whatever bills go to the house, are voted on, go off to the lords to snooze over and back again, off to royal assent and put on the - statute - the statute, the law, should be supreme, as it has been directly enacted on my behalf and millions like me, who - empowered - those to govern for us, not over us!

I don't believe in any court, call it what you like, ever having any judicial power over me, to interrupt or disrupt the governance on behalf of me. When or if that day should ever come, then that court will disconnect the direct empowering relationship between me and my representative in the house of commons!

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["I didn't collude with Alex Salmond and I didn’t conspire against him"]

What is anybody to make of that spin and double-talk statement?

And this sorry saga still does not go far enough in explaining to the scottish taxpayer, who forked out £500k in legal costs awarded to salmond + the costs in building a fake and flimsy case against him in the first place that fell like 'dominoes' in court under cross examination!

Which begs another question or two, as to why the endeavouring scheme to work so hard to break this man into pieces? A lesser man faced with 11 charges of such a sexual behavioural nature, could or would have attempted or successfully committed suicide over this. I think this should be born in mind and salmond should sue for the emotional stress caused to him and not forgeting his wife in all of this, who too has had to go through the emotional strain of it all. Why is his wife being forgotten?

I've been thinking about her on and off during this disgraceful period of time and behaviour from the snp. I think it's the hatefulness about it all to the point of destroying another human being that gets me, even though I'm a conservative and unionist who lives in england, I think this goes beyond the political differences that I oppose someone like salmond on, it's crossed a boundary on decency or what the hell of it is left. The fact that this fake case even got to a scottish court is sonething all scots need to be very concerned about as far as their civil liberties and human rights are concerned.

If I was an snp scot, I would be 100% in support of salmond!

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The SNP has committed scotland to a net zero target deadline of 2045, even though there is about 30 years left of oil and gas exploration still drillable, but a profitable output to refude an ever increasing pre and now covid scottish deficit, is looking unpredicable due to factors like drilling expenditure against an independent scotland's currency uncertainty and valuation, aswell as future world market decline from import countries that too, pursue their own net zero green energy policies or continue along a collective climate accord?

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The trouble with the opposition being retrospective on this, is that if Labour had won the general election in December 2019, then it would have been Diane Abbott as Home Secretary in March 2020 and Ms Abbott hates borders!

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[Sometimes just having the conversation can be helpful. Labour, with its tradition of Christian socialism, perhaps has a head start on us in this regard.]

You must be joking? Labour is middle and upper middle class woke posh and metropolitan identity politics mad these days, a million miles away from their down to earth traditional labour values, their christian, as in catholic or even methodist roots of the poor working classes. That's all been 'shat on' and finished off from an arrogant london centric and eu loving secular liberal to marxist god awful - progressive - viewpoint on what a 'tick-all-the-boxes' acceptable labour voter should look like these days! 🤪

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[The lesson I learned was that people are quite happy to reply to a Tweet they haven’t read properly.]

Why don't you let go and get off twitter Mr Dale? You are trying to belong to a community that is basically a commentary 'piranha tank'!

At best, their teeth will nibble away at you, at worse, they will strip you down to your bare bones, psychologically!

You can never rationalise your comment to either the irrational or the deliberate 'shit stirrer' and knowing which is which, just the nibbler or the bare bone shredder is impossible to gauge on a global free speech platform like the piranha tank and is it really worth it?

Stop exposing yourself to online abuse. Only you can decide this. There are only two types of the psychologically minded who will target you on twitter. Those who abuse you and those who get abused supporting you! Get off it before it makes you ill. The fact that you have had to highlight this current experience here on ConHome, suggests you are either just needing to do so to measure the response from us here on this outlet where you express yourself, or you have been affected by it, even annoyed and/or confused and fed-up with it and you cannot resolve it in your mind?

You never will. Don't even try. Harden up or quit twitter, well for a while if you can. You have to be a hard skinned 'player' on twitter, in my opinion.

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You've been reading the guardian archives! That was an ACRO to ECRIS to SIS II schengen software issue that the software contractor will have fixed!

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[When a government department makes a monumental cock-up it’s usually the Secretary of State that has to face the music. It doesn’t get much more serious than deleting 400,000 records of criminals.]

The 400k records, even in this remote world of working, are 365 day back-up to the server. The records can be restored. The data lost will be what was inputted inbetween, after usually an overnight back-up timed set-up on the server to the server time of the 'cock-up'. This short timeline of lost inputting data, is what detectives working on live cases, will have to re-input after the last and most recent back-up is restored.

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So disappointed to read a bust of cesar estrada chavez is proud of place in the oval office that biden now occupies. From a 'raised eyebrow' low income and lowlife christian viewpoint, this guy was a liberation theology believer for mexican-american farm workers, indocrinated by the kgb's influencial influence in the very unstable south american politics from late 1960's to early 1990's. I was hoping this south american catholic mix of fake-faith of the poor and marxism was dead, but now it's sadly made a comeback right at the centre of power it would seem. I do hope only as a token jesture and nothing more?

There's been much christian historical and secular argument on the origin's of liberation theology, but from what I know, there was a direct link to the christian peace conference in prague and hence moscow. The CIA's experience of it all in south america during the 1970's and 80's and its infiltration into the catholic church there, is probably still classified and so be it until unclassified, but I expect any retired CIA operating there during that time will be disturbed to read of chavez's bust now residing proudly in the oval office of all places! It really should be removed or else it could provoke media interest in democrat links to communism?