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Both joined the EU in 2004 but it took 5 years for Slovakia to qualify the 5 ctriteria to join the eurozone in 2009. The SNP has changed its policy on adopting the euro through the treaty of accession and wants to use the opt out for a currency union with the UK if it got independence but also invoked Article 49, but it cannot decide monetary policy against the Bank of England policy, so in effect, trying to compare The Czech Republic with the rest of the UK and Slovakia with an independent Scotland is wishful thinking at best.

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Putting the usual SNP - Boris Bashing - to oneside, Scotland's trade with the rest of the Union still forms part of our UK internal market, but also their growing deficit before and after being savaged by the virus, is not going to go away anytime soon. So I should think Sunak will include Scotland's recovery in his UK recovery plan, but how this translates into how a devolved administration puts it into practice, I would hope would go through The Scotland Office working with them.

I don't believe FFA would be the solution after such an economic savaging, because there's only so much pressure on tax raising that folk will take onboard that directly affects their standard of living and it's not a guarantee to raise the level of revenue needed to reverse a growing deficit.

Scotland may want more devolution, it may even want independence one day, but it needs the Union now and we need to secure our internal market, repair it and grow it through all our devolved nations.

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The government is not - lurching - it has set up a cyber security review and from that review, to include driven evidence from the national cyber security centre, then a coherent UK policy of stripping out Huawei from our telecom infrastructure by 2023, will form the bedrock and backbone of telecom infrastructure policy, to basically 'plug' the holes left behind after decommissioning Huawei.

Labour should be actively getting involved in supporting this UK wide cyber security review, as it has thankfully, voiced its concerns over China, something I doubt very much Corbyn would even bother with?

A review is in the national interest. I think Starmer should remember that, so please not look at this as just an opportunity for political point scoring.

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If every single remain voter still felt so bitter and angry at losing, then 4 years after that vote, then in December they would have all taken the risk with Corbyn, put him in No.10 and Starmer would have rushed legislation through to - revoke Article 50 - and Stop Brexit dead in its tracks before the 31st December deadline.

They did not. These voters let Bojo Get Brexit Done. They either changed their minds over the last 4 years of horrendous wrangling, were sick to death with the behaviour of The House of Horrors and wanted to put it out of its misery, like us leavers did or thought Corbyn too big a risk when weighed up against their personal priorities for themselves and their families against stopping brexit and remaining in the EU. These voters Mr Gauke - MOVED ON!

Whether they move on to liking Starmer's Labour Party in 2024, is too early to tell and appears to be too early for Starmer too, as Labour can't even get going on a new labour vision for policy making to begin to attract these voters. Let's hope the labour 'fog' does not lift in time!

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[Why couldn’t we accept Huawei and they keep the Hong Kongers?]

Because China's aggressive expansion is a geopolitical strategy regardless of Huawei.

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My history is not perfect, but I don't remember ever reading that since the PRC was formed and then took power in 1949, that their ruling Communist Party ever allowed any of its citizens to leave - voluntarily - as in not on the run, not fleeing under stress, but with the consent of the ruling party?

So why do folk keep thinking that they will be any different today in our modern world than they were in 1949?

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Didn't Mr Dale mention briefly in one of his articles some months ago, before we got lost in the mayhem of lockdown, that he visited the national cyber security centre? If I remember correctly?

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[Even if there is not algorithmic censorship, many people were concerned last week after Google UK launched into Liz Truss, the Conservative MP, on social media. On June 18 it posted a petition trying to lobby her on the Gender Recognition Act]

Well, if the CEO and Senior Management at GoogleUK think it's OK to get involved in UK politics? Then amend the Office of the Registrar of Consultant Lobbyists, to include any organisation not working on behalf of a client but using their own corporate powers of persuasion to directly place a Government minister under pressure and possibly under duress?

Very simple. Revisit the rules and where legislation is needed to safeguard the managing of the Registrar, well legislate for crying out loud!! Legislate! You've got an 80 seat majority. Use it! What is wrong with this government? We the people have empowered you, so get on with it!!

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Can we please wake-up and stop looking at the plight of Hong Kongers through the prism of our own psychological thinking, our beliefs and values. The reality is:

The Communist Party has - locked down - Hong Kong. It is a securitized zone. The people are now the property of a one party state. They do not have human rights, only the rights that the Party allow them to have.

China's ruling Communist Party is not going to allow a 'brain drain' to just pack-up and fly out of Hong Kong, regardless of where these folk want to go and live.

And all of this abuse is taking place while China still sits comfortably as a permanent member on the UN Security Council. What does that tell you? It tells me, they intend to carry on and ignore any international objections because they believe they have - absolute - power.