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[ .... it was reported that two-thirds of the purchased private sector capacity was left unused.]

There's no explanation for this, so working 'blind', in my opinion, I can only think that the main factor for this could be loss of patient confidence, due to covid and patients fearful of catching it, regardless of nhs referral to a private hospital!

Now in theory, as the vaccine programme further rolls out and these patients within it, receive pfizer 1 and 2 jabs, then I should think confidence will begin to restore itself, or almost? This needs further investigation to establish the reason for lack in take-up and if it is, patient confidence, then hancock has not only got an elective back-log to shift 'physically', he's also got to devise a confidence media campaign to devise too, otherwise come THE inevitable inquiry, this aspect of it, that should have progressed on, will look pretty damn grim!

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[.... reforms that would enable people to change their legal sex on the basis of a personal declaration, with no need for any diagnosis of gender dysphoria or other external validation. Yes, this would entail a seismic policy shift .... ]

OMG!! Seriously ....

So, if I'm reading this correctly? A bloke could declare, which I expect would be a legal declaration at least, well I hope to god legally binding, supposedly in truth and good faith, but still be 100% biologically a bloke and then have access to women and girls only spaces?

Yikes! Call me stupid, but what good could come from a personal legal declaration when applied to the predatory behaviour of a paedophile or other category of sex offender? I take it than, that at least these 2 categories of dangerous to women and girls with previous, would not be granted their declaration certification? Or would they source very clever human rights lawyers who couldn't care less about women and girls personal safety to fight the case for them, because equality should apply to them too?

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[Rather than focusing yet again on hospital capacity, an independent review should consider the types of beds needed for a sustainable and integrated system.]

Here we go again! First of all, we do a 10 year census and have done ever since I can remember and the data from this has been telling both labour and conservative politicians in or out of government, that we would be facing a demographic 'age-bomb' and here we are, it has exploded in our faces!

There was a time, when bed-blocking was managed much better, because the elderly, often - repeat - in-patients, would be moved on to a smaller, 'cottage hospital' for rehabilitation and then back home to then be, if necessary, supported with a LA ASC care package, or back to their residential care home. How many of these cottage hospitals are now apartments or boarded up and going derelict?

We really do need to go back to the 'drawing board'. The elderly population, with multiple health conditions, cannot just be whisked in and whisked out, it shouldn't need explaining, really should it?

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Personally, I now think it's gone well beyond his son's behaviour, as far as chiefs of staff are concerned. The chinese have been playing a very 'close to the bone' and not the usual text-book 'mock first-strike' war games against the us pacific fleet deployed in the south china seas. It's like the chinese are hoping the us navy 'flinch' and accidentlally strike first? I expect this, that the media is not properly picking-up on, was the main reason for the heated biden Xi Jinping phone call. But for us folk, it will all be censored under national security and as for the climate change issue? The media seem so pre-occupied with this, being their priority interpretation, it will camouflage what is really developing in the south china seas, because they do not have any credible military expert and experienced journalist(s) on the payroll! I've not found one with any military experience writing about this - new - war game china behaviour.

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They can learn these 'ologies' at their own unis, but I think chinese communist government links, which if I'm correct, has been concealed through 'proxy' and possibly genuinely mistaken as legitimate non-communist government connected to our universities, that is under current investigation to establish what national security sensitive data has been communicated to them, is going to be a scandal of mega proportions. Of course, for ns, we will never know, but I do hope and expect the pentagon task force to get to know these security breaches at least and as for uk security? If the government can 'join the dots' on this investigation to uni staff with tracked chinese communist sympathies, or any current and active communist sympathies, then a silly slap on the hand is all they will probably get, unless one of the accused can become a 'test case' in this newly revamped 21st century cold war emerging. I'm not holding out on this, we've got a lot of updating on national security laws to do, especially where we have allowed university connections to develop where we now have a security issue with the country where we have previously allowed access!

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Just to reiterate on my reply and so you know where I stand.

I don't believe you! Simple as that. I personally won't tolerate any 'look at them jews' narrative in any form. I know of only one lockdown breach I've read, not a regular occurrence. The Board would never allow it and 99.9% of rabbi's know only too well how the jew haters operate and for some time now, much of it keeps spewing out from the left and extreme left-wing of political thinking!!

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I've only read of one wedding!

A Rabbi needs to be present at a wedding. They consult with the Board of Deputies of British Jews to get a low down on religious law compliance with british law, in this case lockdown law!

I doubt they are holding regular weddings and so called 'parties'. The Board are very accutely aware of growing jew hatred and you commentate here mainly from a - left - viewpoint. Maybe you have the wrong perception or problem?

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I don't wish to sound hard-faced, but my partner and I knew somebody, not a friend anymore, an unpleasant man and very abusive towards me in the end, who had his staffie bitch 'stolen' for breeding, but this 'little shit', never walked her on a lead and let her out daily to roam and do her 'business' herself, basically on the nearest pavement and he also never had her 'done', because it would have cost him money! So when she was in season, on this particular occasion, the thieves supposedly nicked her and then gave her back when done with her. The police were obviously never involved, but I did wonder why no postcard and photo were never displayed in the local shop windows and I never believed she'd just been nicked, as the little shit, as I like to call him, was always finding any quick way to make some money. He always liked anything that could make him some cash-in-hand! A disgusting man. I loathe him to this day.

Not all dog owners are nice people and victims of such dreadful crime. Some should never be allowed to own a goldfish, nevermind a dog, but putting my typically underclass hard-hearted experience to oneside ....

Thieves nicking dogs are nicking dogs in lockdown, because the types of houses and garages and their contents they would be stealing instead? Many are now occupied all day long! These thieves are diversifying!

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Our government is tinkering around the edges over china, because it cannot go it alone on this, anybody who thinks so, is not living in reality.

Biden has called for a pentagon task force to specifically concentrate on china. In doing so, this administration is putting china and its world and world 'systems' influence onto a firmer footing, long-term foreign policy priority and under much closer monitoring. You don't bring the pentagon with its analyst grades of staffing, its china expertise this close and directly fed into the oval office, unless you mean it and need to get ahead. It's pretty serious folks and our government needs to dedicate its own equivalent of a task force at the FCO at least, to collaborate with the pentagon task force.

Some commentators may say .... It's preparations for the 'unthinkable' ever happening? I say it's preparations to prevent the unthinkable ever happening, but at the same time to ensure everybody allied to the USA are fully informed, properly 'awake' at all times and seriously committed. Is our PM and government seriously committed? The proof will be how it designs its china policy. If it uses its 'nouse', it will collaborate with the pentagon task force and the biden administration. It wouldn't do them any harm also in securing a more favourable trade deal too? Now would it?

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No. I wouldn't get too drawn into the propaganda, media or social media, if that is where you have been drawing-up thought patterns?

For example: My 88 year old mother who is shielding is not income affected, but she is very depressed, her hair is a mess, other than me visiting as I'm the only one allowed, she is missing getting out, well in the wheelchair and missing friends who can't visit her! Her mental health and wellbeing is starting to worry me and yes, she is hating lockdown and wants it to start to relax as soon as possible!