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This is one of my favourite finales. It's so unabashedly happy, and melancholic but in the right way. I love that JR comes back, and Rafael finds out about his (very normal) parents, and the bond between the Villanuevas that remains strong even as Xiomara is moving.

Concerning Mateo as a narrator: The showrunners had mentioned, early on, that the narrator was someone connected to the story, so Mateo was a popular theory among fans, so the first time I watched, I grinned broadly the moment he said "voice over work". On a second viewing, I wouldn't say that there are necessarily that many clues, but there are quite a few Easter Eggs, such as adult Mateo taking kid Mateo's side in arguments. When Mateo does something naughty and his parents complain "That's not funny!" the narrator says, "I thought it was funny." And neither of the Mateos likes broccoli. There's also stuff like the Mother's Day episode where he goes "I love you, Mom!" straight to Jane, though it comes off as just him going on a tangent. :-)

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I can't have thoughts when there's JR with an axe.
(Also, I don't like love triangles and I was over the Jane/Rafael/Michael one at least three seasons ago - the first time I watched.)

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I laughed so hard watching Mark's reaction to Michael's appearance! Of course, one of the advantages of this being a rewatch for me is that I noticed all the ways this plot twist has been set up for several episodes.

We were so worried for JR back in the day, because "Who shot JR?" is such a famous soap moment, that it was a collective fandom sigh of relief when they turned it upside down with "JR shot who?"

And I don't blame Petra whatsoever for killing Anezka. Everything after the paralysis was just Anezka living on borrowed time as far as I'm concerned.

OMG I didn't even realize that the other shoe dropping was literal. But that's so typical of this show!

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I love Petramos so very much, and the only thing better than them is the scene where Jane V and Petra say that they love each other. I love how awkward Petra is about it, it's one of my favourite scenes of the whole show!

I also love when this show sneaks in little political points like in the Alba storyline.

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My parents were a little bit like your cousins in that they're very religious and that part of my mom's reason for not making us believe in Santa was that she wanted us to trust her in matters of faith. But I have never resented her for that, because she never objected to us questioning faith in general, she just wanted us to know that she would tell us the truth as she saw it. And also another reason she had was that she'd been so terribly disappointed as a child to realize that Santa wasn't real, and she didn't want that for us. So for me, Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth fairy have always been fairy tale characters that it's perfectly fine to dress up as and have fun with, but that we weren't expected to believe in. But then, I don't think belief in those characters are taken as seriously in Sweden in general as it is in the US - it has always weirded me out how dedicated parents in movies and TV are to lying to their children about those matters.

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Petramos is here! The ship is at sea! *waves flag*

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For the most part, I like how Adam's bisexuality was handled. Sure, it got a bit preachy, but at least it preached more or less the right things. (And I love Danny's reaction to accidentally outing Adam.) Tenagrq, V jbhyq unir orra zber unccl nobhg vg vs Nqnz unqa'g orra fubirq bhg gur qbbe arkg rcvfbqr, ohg BGBU V'z abg nf fnq nobhg gung snpg nalzber guna V jnf gur svefg gvzr nebhaq, jura V qvqa'g xabj gung Crgenzbf jnf evtug nebhaq gur pbeare.

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JR has arrived!
Yes, yes, I know that other stuff happened too. But I just love Jane Ramos and I was so happy to see Mark squee about the presence of Rosario Dawson on our screens.

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Ugghhh, book covers. As a librarian, I have so many instances where I look at book covers and go "...why are you trying to kill the book?" For instance, there were recently new editions of the books of one of my favourite authors (who is dead), and it was so obvious that the person who chose the covers had never read the books. The worst one was a book about a pair of high schoolers, where the book cover showed two kids who were no older than ten.

And then there are the ones who try, but try the wrong way, like a publishing company that reprints quality literature for kids, and who keep having these artistic, abstract covers that are pretty cool but that kids absolutely do not go for. (Kids tend to like books with either clear genre cues, or with pictures of the characters. Stuff that tells them what the book is about.)

Anyway, getting off the rant. I quite like Adam and Jane together. I've never seen Teen Wolf, but I like Adam anyway, he's sweet and receptive to Jane's needs, and there's minimal drama so far.

The Raf/Katherine thing is a trainwreck, but at least it's a potentially interesting trainwreck. I can't say the same for Magda and Anezka. I am just done with them.

Finally, I love all the moments where gur Aneengbe uvagf ng orvat Zngrb, yvxr jura ur zragvbaf gung ur gubhtug "sneg snpr" jnf shaal.

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I was wondering why Alex looked so familiar to me this time around, when it wasn't even a character I remembered. Turns out that the actor, Deniz Akdeniz, was also Aladdin in Once Upon a Time.