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I know they have said it is a "spoof" site but only after it started getting attention. If it has a racial slam in it, it's not a joke anymore because someone will take it seriously. And that's the point...I don't really believe it is a "spoof" site. I am willing to reconsider but anytime language and ideas such as on there get out in the real world, somebody is going to take it seriously. Things somehow manage to get legs, yanno? What with claiming it's all spoof, It's kind of like the abuser who beats you and then convinces you you didn't see or feel what you really saw or felt. I question that unless you are an author and used to getting into character, so to speak, how hard is it to write from another point of view esp. vehemently if it truly isn't yours? That's an awful lot of work for a joke and an awful lot of time for people to invest in nonsense.
So you think it's actually run by white supremists? Or did I misunderstand. But I really would like to know what 14-88 means, if you don't mind.

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Correct. I left that out because it is too complicated to explain sometimes. Serrano has submitted that a bunch of times. He hasn't had much support but if you look at who signed on with him at least in one instance to try to push it through, and I could have my dates mixed up - I just woke up :) - it seems he tried this when Clinton was in too and had Barney Frank and a couple other guys on that one trying to get it through so every time there is a Democratic President, Serrano is trying to get this through so they can keep the Dem going. He tried during a Bush Presidency too but when you looked at who was going to be elected (kind of a duh sometimes, yanno), there the answer was. Yes, we can vote them out anyway but look at how we don't vote them out. Rangle, Specter, so many who sit there just a little too long and the power, the prestige, whatever, goes to their heads eventually. Personally, I wouldn't want any President - Dem or Rep - as Pres for too long. I don't know what happens to them up there but something does. Loss of perspective maybe?

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Excellent post, Mike.

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It gets tiring but we need to keep the pressure on - Tea Parties, emails, whatever, standing up for what is right which means we email the NYT when they have done some stupid thing, etc. I've never been this political in my life but all this is happening sooo much faster than anyone expected.

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Good grief, Larry! How could anybody think Stephen Colbert is conservative? Silly.
Actually, most of us just have fun on the site riling them up. My H pretends to be Muslim :) and I like to plug things up by reporting every anti-white word, every breast pic and all the rest. I'm surprised they haven't booted me. It's really alot like all the other forums that have a core group of people who end up talking and fighting with each other all the time. The point it is a very dangerous line to cross and they cross it alot.

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That is a great analogy, Robert.

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Well, GS, if you liked that one, try this puppy on for size. Right now there is a Resolution to change the Constitution and remove Presidential Term Limits. It is in Judiciary. Here is the address to the bill:

At least Chavez ASKED his people. This, they do under the table.

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If you want to see death threats, rape threats, racism against people not black, threats to citizen's liberties and free speech then check out this website: <a href="http://www.theobamaforum.com" target="_blank">www.theobamaforum.com These guys want their members to post their family and friend's names and addresses of anyone who owns a gun plus if they have ammo and they want them to write down and post stranger's license plate numbers, make and model of the vehicle and, if you can, follow them home to get their addresses then post it on this forum if a person has an anti-Obama bumper sticker or anything construed as anti-government - as one guy says, "The DHS and Holder will be interested." Apparently, he was right considering conservatives are now the only Terrorists on the planet.

If you are sensitive to offensive, racially and politically driven hatred, then you should avoid this site. What I like the best is where one of the worst offenders states: "I've met higher ups in the Obama Administration because of my work in this community (meaning the forum)."

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Oops. somehow this didn't paste over. The most important part got left out. This is written just before the "Resolved" paragraph begins. That ought to help readers - but, at any rate, this is really a serious matter. It would be great if all of us peppered our elected officials and the Judiciary Committee to let them know this is unacceptable. And scary:

Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President.

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We've been talking about that too. We would join without a look back.