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Mr. St. John - After reading your web site I see that we agree on the facts but I gave up on justice after the assassinations of the 60s were not investigated or prosecuted.

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The remote piloting system that was installed on all Boeing aircraft by 2009 is called the BUAP or Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot. As its name states, control of the aircraft is gained from a remote location and the flight crew can do nothing to regain control from the cockpit or communicate to air traffic control. MH 17 and MH 370 both had the BUAP systems. That is why the former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad blamed Boeing for the MH 370 disappearance as reported in newspapers around the world. MH 17 could have been easily maneuvered into position through BUAP to become another casualty to promote more aggression against Russia.

The people who do these terrible things have no empathy for the innocent victims.

The only mistake you have made is in believing that officials of any government still act morally and believe in science and fact. They do what best suits their personal and national interests. MH 17 was a political act and will not be treated as an actual investigation any more than 9/11 was.

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Stephen St. John - Your letters and web site are quite rational and you discuss technology that is well documented. As you are probably aware, remote control of aircraft has been demonstrated since the 1960s at least, since the use of such technology was proposed by the Joint Chiefs in 1962 for the false flag attacks of "Operation Northwoods" to provide a pretext for a U.S. war against Cuba. Fortunately, JFK rejected the plan. (All is now declassified.)

The Systems Planning Corporation product "Flight Termination System" you mentioned was likely used in the 9/11 attacks since none of the pilots could actually fly so remote control makes sense. Is it a coincidence that Donald Rumsfeld had announced that the Pentagon couldn't account for $2.3 Trillion on 9/10/2001 and Dov Zakheim, Comptroller of the Pentagon just happened to be a principal of Systems Planning Corporation? Was it also a coincidence that whatever hit the Pentagon ended up in the offices of the Pentagon auditors who were trying to find what had happened to the money, killing all but one of them?


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It's no surprise that they are whores. The only surprise is that they are such cheap whores.

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It tells you that Republicans are not appealing to people without the money (or the will) to buy cable news.

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The Pantheon is in Rome.

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The most important and often overlooked fact about psychotropic drugs is that they are extremely addictive. Doctors don't tell you that you may be taking a drug more addictive than heroin. Benzodiazipine, often prescribed as a sleep aid requires a very prolonged and sometimes painful and terrifying withdrawal. Some experts in addiction say that the drug should be reduced by one percent every two weeks. That would be TWO YEARS to withdraw from it without suffering the most severe symptoms.____One in five Americans, 60 MILLION of us are now taking psychopharmaceutical drugs in this country and are almost all addicted to them. Benzodiazipines and SSRIs are as so addictive that they can cause hallucinations, seizure and death and many of us are prescribed more than one of them to treat the effects of the others we are taking. _ _http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/drugs-linked-to-brain-damage-30-years-ago-2127504.html_

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He's the one who had a choice........

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Also watch Al Jazeera America although they have gelded themselves to be able to broadcast in the U.S. Disappointing but a hundred times better than the other "news" programs/networks.

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Did you know that we bombed Al Jazeera's offices both in Iraq and Afghanistan? They had given us their coordinates as all news organizations were asked to do. We even bombed one of their news teams while they were live on TV and killed the reporter as he spoke. I'm sure it was all an "accident."

Things were much worse in Iraq than anyone here admits.

What's happening now is Petraeus's "Salvadoran Option" writ large. What do we expect when we bring our war criminal, James Steele, leader of the Salvadoran death squads Reagan was so proud of to Iraq to teach the Ministry of the Interior how to torture and commit mass murders?