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All you have to do is give everyone the precedent for foreign born being eligible. It's a pretty simple equation. The precedent is there that the framers did not want foreigners in CIC. If you know which framer or founder thought it was OK, then tell everyone so we can all be so informed as you are.

So far there hasn't been a single case challenging either Cruz, Rubio, Obama or anybody that was adjudicated on the merits, with the precedents accepted as evidence. As for Cruz, he's plainly just a lying punk. As if for 200 years nobody born abroad would have thought themselves eligible and he's the only one smart enough to figure it out. He is the only one with the balls to try, give him that. But when someone seals all of their records to protect themselves against the real truth (think Obama) you have to be a raging idiot to think the reason is other than they are concealing something that doesn't support their narrative.

So please post the names of the framers and founders that were OK with foreigners as POTUS. And while you're at it, give us the SCOTUS cases and the naturalization laws that contradict the SCOTUS cases and naturalization laws that plainly show that Cruz is full of shit and a lying scumbag. Should be easy for someone so sure of themself.

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Not a single court has ruled on the law. Only on standing, technicalities, never on the merits. Get a grip.

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This judge is either have to be a complete dope, or is just going-along to get-along. 14th amendment, Kim Ark indeed. I vote for the former. He ignored just about everything that speaks to the issue and cited (cherry picked) things to help Cruz.

If Congress says you are NATURALIZED, then YOU ARE NATURALIZED:

It can't be more clear. Everything else aside, the argument(s) didn't point this out. Also, what about the documentation that Cruz used to get a U.S. passport and SS#? If he doesn't have a U.S. birth certificate, he needed documentation of citizenship and accordingly that documentation would from being NATURALIZED.

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I'm turning blue holding my breath. If you expect anything that's going to change things, think again. This has been going on for far too long. It's shameful to get so many people to believe that there will actually be a substantive result and then for nothing to happen when the claim is that there is going to be some "awesome, earth shattering" information produced to expose scumbag Obama.

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Just based on the available image. I agree it looks pretty sparse, but so far nobody has produced anything better. Where's the media? Not only are they silent on his naturalization status, wouldn't you think just one half-ass reporter would be in Canada digging, digging by now? What really bothers me is that the statement on the image now says if when a couple days ago it said she had declared Canadian citizenship on his B/C. This suggests to me a lack of credibility. Also, JB has written about a reporter that supposedly interviewed Cruz during his Senate campaign during which interview Cruz admitted the 2 citizen parent - on soil requirement for NBC and said that Obama was not NBC. JB claims that there is no record of the interview but he has an affidavit from the reporter attesting to this claim. Where the frig is it? If he has it, what's he waiting for? He wrote about it quite a while ago.

Like I said, I'm not holding my breath. I'll believe it when I see something that means something.

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Why wait two weeks? If you have something let's have it now. Everybody hold your breath. I feel another "awesome, earth shattering" moment is upon us. Take a look at the image - 'If Ted Cruz's mother declared her citizenship on his birth certificate as "Canadian" Ted Cruz was NEVER a US citizen.' This would be true - except - nowhere on the available images of his birth certificate is there any place to make such a declaration. And, a couple days ago this image didn't say if, it said that she actually had declared Canadian citizenship on his birth certificate. Anybody sense this is more bluster? Nah.

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Trump can bring it up all he wants. So far he's not doing anything about it. And, he should use the word "Canadian" ahead of Lyin Ted's name every time he says it. Lyin Ted should be Lyin Canadian Ted. Reminding voters that this punk was born in Canada would be better than occasionally mentioning the fact. Given the current climate with insiders trying everything they can to deny Trump, maybe he will sue if things go to shit.

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Good point on how Dems might go if they think Cruz will lose anyway. But they can raise hell about this without implicating BHO because we know Lying Ted was born in Canada and of course everybody knows BHO was born in Hawaii. In a way, if they scream about Cruz being Canadian, the could actually completely legitimize BHO if they sue and get a ruling based on soil that Cruz is not eligible. That would almost certainly silence the issue forever. BHO would then be the gold standard. Even Trump hasn't brought up parentage. All of his bluster has been Canada.