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Who am I? I am a source to the Horse.

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Incorrect, welcome back Kudos. I'm going to show you exactly who and what I support.
Wasn't sure I would but you inspired me. Expect more of the truth.
#FollowTheWhiteRabbit and we may catch that Horse galloping off for R&R.

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The P2P payoff is complete. Now let the selling of Hoboken commence full throttle.
Time to get Michael Russo in the game. Horse says Ravi Bhalla is behind Russo for council president.


Let the fools at the cave suck that down. Michael Russo is your council leader. What a bunch of idiots!

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Isn't it lovely seeing all these opposing campaigns who smeared and sullied each other and Hoboken suddenly "working together" toward "Stronger Foundations?" Sure is if you are the NJ Transit operating engineers union, the laborers unions and all the unions preparing for the coming big construction in the Mile Square City.

Is it true HobokenHorse identified strong evidence pointing to one of the outside parties involvement in the planted fliers "attacking" Ravi? Did he get the whole story or did he miss how all these "transition" players are in on it together or must sign on to it after the fact with the exception of Jen Giattino.

Ask yourself about this transition and the jobs and big construction deals being set up or prepared to be filled at City Hall, who benefits? Does anyone really want to get to the bottom of who was behind the flier? Or is it now all part of a bigger deal with big money outside Hoboken? Who are the campaigns who bow down to their big money masters?

Contingencies were made in The Shadow and contingencies will be satisfied. They've been congratulating themselves for "fixing" the Hoboken election Hudson County style in one of the most complex deceptions in many a year. People who called themselves "Reform" laughing how they signed on with "The Dark Side."

Guess which council player is on board with the incoming administration who was featured on FBI surveillance video back in 2009? What deal was cut with The Shadow and when? The Shadow knows; The Shadow knows.

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Look at all that AlJezeera propaganda love. How stupid is anyone to participate in this utter stupidity and that includes the mayor elect?

What were they thinking? Oh, they think everyone is an idiot and won't see through this. Gee, will the City Council members who were savagely attacked by Nancy and her cave dwellers will magically forget in January? Don't think you get your wish list satisfied on the City Council with propaganda wishing away all the dirty campaign done savaging opponents and "friends" either.

They keep wanting blood from anyone they think they can "get" but how does that work when with all your advantages you won only one-third of the vote? Don't think the victory will have a good taste in January. Until then, let's enjoy all the fun watching and laughing at the "bitter winners."

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Is the Zumbers Cruncher now writing under another screen name? Don't go there anymore. Not funny and it's tinged with lots of nastiness and misinformation. It's worse there now than anything they did at Hoboken411 and that's saying something. How far some have fallen with the ambition for power.

Wonder what happens if someone dared mention Ravi Bhalla's conflicts. Probably three heads would explode and they'd lose 10 of their commenters. Then you'd have a Sybil Cave implosion! Look out belowwwwwww!

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Not from what I hear. I know someone who read the contract. They said:
Mayor Zimmer doesn't appear in it.
There's no discussion about a mayor in 2014 doing an exclusive deal with Suez.
No discussion that the mayor in 2014 should ring up an $8.35 million liability
No discussion that Suez should be given an exclusive opportunity to extend above market.

They said you should put up or shut up. They think you'll continue to scream and stamp your feet as the other Zimmer-Bhalla propagandists who can't formulate any argument. Oh and that cave dwelling where they can't even discuss any details just point to a $10 million debt mentioned in a city release without a single detail.

They can't discuss any of that. It would require Mayor Zimmer to disclose the Suez contract information.

Mayor Zimmer ain't doing that. She will bury the Suez contract again. She has lots of reasons why and they all lead to Ravi Bhalla.

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See the linked story above how Jen Giattino "came around" in the 7-1 vote in 2012. Leadership is also making tough choices even when you are not enthused with all the circumstances and aspects required as in that case.

Based on your explanation on leadership, can you tell us more how Ravi Bhalla saved the hospital? I think Toni Tomarazzo and others would like to know more details. Bhalla campaign literature was being handed out on the streets this weekend and still makes that claim.

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I am Kaizer Sozey and...

[youtube mmLRTVYgEq4&index=8&list=PL9LRk8CNUnkInar3ruDVX-7aWkFzVFsNE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmLRTVYgEq4&index=8&list=PL9LRk8CNUnkInar3ruDVX-7aWkFzVFsNE youtube]

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I heard you the first time when you said Ravi's "perceived conflict is ancient history."
To some of us this isn't a digressive idea, ancient nor perceived. I get that's Ravi's campaign position. Let's see how it goes and if those alleged conflicts are similar or less similar to other candidates.