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Good times.

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You've been drinking the sea water, haven't you.

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The joke was on the Sniper, however, when he was promptly balanced moments later.

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There is always another castle to build, another mechanism to design, another cavern to tame...

Another creeper to ruin it all.

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He just happens to lay the beat down to a bunch of thugs, dominatrices, shaolin monks, midgets, demons, gorillas and robots on the way.

Beat THAT Max Payne.

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Wait... You mean for the past 15 or so years, I have had access to a gaming genie that would grant me any gaming-related wish?



Wait here a minute. There are sequels that must be made.

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Okay, it burns. It burns in a physically hurting manner, rather than an emotionally scarring manner, however which is always a plus. What was I even yelling about? Huh, what's this video...

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You, MISTER JANE DOE, have been chosen to head the infiltration unit after your bid of JUST TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY was picked, being the lowest bid. It will be your duty to infiltrate the robotic enemy, and learn their secrets.

The supplies you listed as needing, A BOX, TWENTY CANS OF SOUP, TWO OF THOSE WEIRD THINGS UNDERNEATH DRIVEWAYS THAT LET WATER DRAIN THROUGH, and TWO PAIRS OF SHOES (IN BOX(VERY IMPORTANT)) will be sent to your residence at I WILL STRANGLE YOU lane. We look forward to hearing back from you.

Good luck,

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I don't understand. Where is Draven?

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So be it. Send your armies. There is no Mann or Machine who can stop me, and you'll soon see: I come for vengeance for the first son of Mann, and I'm ready, and I'm willing, and I'm prepared to...

SEND. ME. The best you've got. SEND. ME. Your strongest Machine. THE. FIGHT. My brothers fought. WILL. NOW. End here with me.

IS. THIS. The best you've got? IS. THIS. Your strongest Machine? NOW. WITH. One crit rocket. YOU'LL. SEE. What revenge means.