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I don't interact with a lot of people offline at the moment, but yeah, it gets REALLY irritating when people act like they know you better than you do. A little push from friends can be nice because then you can challenge yourself, but that's not the same thing.

I have a weird rant that I think it related, but totally not. I sometimes have some wine when I hang out with my best friend, and both of us really like to mix it with soda. We're both the type to drink beverages for the taste and we both love sweet stuff. But she sometimes gets teased by her family for watering down the wine. I don't get teased for it so much, but it's kinda irritating because it's really just a personal preference to make the drink sweeter. It's something small that's been irking me for a bit now... It's kinda related to what you said because it's about personal preference and other people judging you for doing something they don't do.

Anyway, happy August! ☺

P.S. I'm laughing out how I just ranted about something that's probably way off topic here. :D

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You missed The Arsonist AKA one of my most anticipated 2017 releases. D: It releases on the 22nd and I'm SO EXCITED FOR IT TO FINALLY RELEASE. I'm also very excited for to read something new from Courtney C. Stevens and Brandy Colbert!

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My Life Next Door!! That's a favorite of mine. :)

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I kinda already love the couple? I haven't even read a sample from the book, but I've kinda started to love the characters just from reading reviews. :D This is one of my Overdrive holds...and I'm #6. (In better news, I'm #2 for both When Dimple Met Rishi and Flame in the Mist!) But that might be a blessing in disguise because I might have to warm up to historical reads before diving into it. I'm not exactly in the mood for historical reads (which might be one of the reasons I'm reading A Tyranny of Petticoats so slowly), but I really, really hope that doesn't get in the way of getting into this book!

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Great job on the writing progress!

I'm really excited that you read The Winner's Curse. I've always thought that you would like that one. :) That's a shame about the Nina Lane and Kasie West books. :( I also really liked the Beauty and the Beast live-action! I'm trying to remember what I thought of the Beast...I most likely really liked him, but I did like the other characters a lot more. Two things that are sticking out to me now that I'm thinking back are the "Be Our Guest" scene and that YELLOW DRESS. Those were two of my favorite parts of the entire movie. :D

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"It scares Dimple, and I definitely understood her choices in this book, and I wish people would see where’s she coming from too. I’ve seen a little anger turned toward her already, but Dimple was not an impulsive person who put her feelings above all else." <---- If I wasn't already excited to read Dimple & Rishi, I would be sold by this. I automatically start liking a character when I hear they're even somewhat misunderstood.

The other two books look great, too!

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Ahh, your interaction with Emery is amazing! I really, really hope you love Little & Lion.

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Good for you for still being excited to go to future shows! It looks like you had a really good time this year. :) I LOVE the photos you got to take with the authors.

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ALL CLOSED OFF?? Yesss, I'm so excited! I've been excited for that for so long now! And ooh, new books from Kasie West and Paula Stokes! *insert heart eyes* A lot of covers are making me curious about the other releases. It looks like a nice month for new books. :)

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The romance makes me a bit hesitant to pick this one up... Hopefully the sequel won't have as many problems in that area. I really like the idea of the band of misfits, though.