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Gimme some men's Applejack gym shorts, and I swear I'll get in shape.

WeLoveFine, you can save my life, or at least make me look less pale and hideous, if you fulfill my request. So please, do it, for my sake.

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Pretty boring and dull, imo.

However, I'm extremely impressed by the technical side. It really does look like it could come straight from the show proper. For that, I give mad props. Very well done animation!

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Instrumentals take up around 80% of my pony playlist, remixes take up around 15%, and vocals take up around 5%.

Anyone with musical talent can write a song. Those with a good singing voice in addition to that are a much rarer breed.

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"Too seriously" implies messed up priorities. I don't think nitpicking continuity is indicative of that.

Anyway, off the top of my head:
Luna's hair
Ponyville's age
Constantly rising technology level (not that season 1 was innocent in that regard; it's just worse)
Characterization nitpicks here and there (mainly that everyone's a lot flatter)
And on a meta level, tone inconsistencies abound.

Personally I just stick season 2 on the same level as "expanded universe" stuff. What I like, I consider canon. What I don't, I don't. It's not like any of this actually exists or ever happened anyway... Absolutely nothing is more "real" than anything else. So I reserve the right to do that. :P

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Happy B-day!

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That's one obnoxious subtitle, tongue in cheek or no :P

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The Flash has them both beat.

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Deep down, you know you want to.

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I find it ironic that people with pony kissing avatars are agreeing with me. :)

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I wan to see Seth and Cereal make out.