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I'm afraid that we have some people have taken to racism to make themselves feel better. I wish this site would take an active role in moderating, removing comments that are not acceptable anywhere except on a neo-nazi or KKK site. Being conservative or libertarian should be interpreted as being a refuge for mindless racism. Being conservative or libertarian is about having the government out of our lives and wallets and promoting opportunity and prosperity FOR ALL, not trying conserve power based on skin color or fear of being diminished in an increasingly diverse America. We should not give credence to the leftist nuts who say that conservatives are racists. But from a few comments here on this thread alone could give them a case.

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This is the same argument they make about Clarence Thomas and other black conservatives. They may be qualified and black, but they aren't attuned to the illiberal elements of the community. They are sympathetic to the needs of a few who are dependent on government.

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They were from Norway, not the Netherlands.

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Somebody needs to get the hook out on you. There is no room for racists of any kind, anywhere.

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I am so tired of the misrepresentation of the McNabb comment. I am black and I heard the comments Rush made live on the air. I didn't think that they were controversial. He did not say anything racist. The comments were not about NcNabb but of the white liberal media establishment. They have a penchant for supporting minorities not because of their talent, but of their skin color. To fail to see anyone beyond skin color is racist. White liberals are the biggest racists. They treat blacks differently than they would treat a white in the same position. They would lie and tell the black how he is doing a great job, while they wouldn't do the same thing to a white (especially a more conservative white). This only sets the black up to failure: a person needs true feedback to improve and many blacks aren't getting this valuable tool of personal and professional growth.

We see this with the kid glove treatment of Obama. He is doing a terrible job. If the media told the truth maybe Obama would probably (but not too likely because he is a ideologue) change paths from that of sure destruction. (Obama hopefully see his policies are wrong-headed when his party is seriously damaged in 2010.

In my college days, I first went to a liberal university. (Yes, it was affirmative action that got me in.) Criticism of my work was tepid because I am black and I didn't really learn anything. I transferred to a more conservative college a year later. The school was very competitive (it does not have an affirmative action policy) and I wasn't prepared because that liberal school told me a bunch a lies about my work just to try to keep me happy. The more conservative school was a lot more helpful because they were truthful and race was never a factor. They were not invested in my success because I am black. They only cared about me being the best person I can be. I worked harder after that really bad semester and I am grateful for being pushed to be my best (getting almost all As after that). After I graduated I entered one of the top law schools because of the recognition that I can work hard. This past experience taught me about white liberals: They only want blacks to do well to assuage their guilt; they don't really care about that individual black person being the best. Every truly successful person receives some criticism. A truly successful person can take useful criticism to learn and grow. I'm afraid blacks are being denied this because of somebody's misguided racial guilt.

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One thing that Bush and now Obama seem to think about a low dollar is that our products will become cheaper than or competitive with British, European and Japanese exports.(Maybe this was a way to save manufacturing jobs in the US. It seemed to be the most likely conclusion since Washington didn't care..)

While living in Europe, my European friends were gloating that the Euro was more valuable than the dollar. My answer was that it just makes their exports more expensive. When the high-flying Euro was making some problems with exports European leaders were begging Bush to do something about the sliding dollar. It was fine for Washington to ignore it for a short time, but the Europeans found ways to deal with a high valued Euro and we haven't adjusted to this new reality. Obama is compounding the problem with his sophomoric economic policies and anti-business attitudes. His weakness has emboldened our enemies and weakening our prestige in the process.

It is time for this rookie to take a hike.

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Obama and the Nobel committee are the biggest enemies to democracy and real peace.

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I guess the Nobel Committee has affirmative action for the peace prize. They have lost all credibility now!

What happened to choosing people who really accomplished something like Martin Luther King, Gandhi, or Ralph Bunche? Even Algore was more worthy of it than this idiot Obama (even though Algore didn't deserve it either.)

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Participating in sex tourism and paying for under-aged boys for sex is not a private matter. It is against international, French and Thai law. Public officials should be held to the same (or even greater) standard as the little folk. European countries particularly the Nordic nations, France, Britain and Germany have been striking at its own citizens participating in vile overseas sex tourism. It is obvious that they have to go to countries like Thailand and the Philippines to have sex with children because of their own countries' so-called "puritanical" laws that prevent them from having sex with children. So they go to poor countries and use their euro or pounds to exploit poor children, something they would not dare to do in their respective countries.

The US has a law forbid its forbidding its adult citizens from having sex abroad with anyone under the age of 18. This is not unusual and not a sign of us being uptight puritanical people. Most Western countries have these laws to fight sex tourism. I wish amoral liberals stop with their pretentious sophistication and recognize that sex tourism is a blight on westerners and leads to exploitation of helpless poor people--the people they often pretend to care about. They are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.

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If the Salt Lake Olympics bribery scandal did not happen, money would have been the most important thing to the IOC. Chicago is about 15 years late.

Obama is to be held responsible for this failure. He did not make a case for Chicago but for his narcissistic self. He didn't tell how great the city is, etc.

Many of these foolish liberals think that this Olympics debacle will fade away and will be forgotten. Obama's failures are cumulative and will eventually undermine his lame presidency. Get ready to say good bye to him in January 2013.