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I am available to help with these anytime... and I really like the way you are going with this page...

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Talking to inanimate objects is the fourth step in going crazy!
1)talking to oneself
2)seeing visions
3) creatin friends that look just like you so you can entertain yourself!

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Hey 402, its been almost a month and no news..... methinks something big brewing at the ol' hang out in Cali?

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Hey Jim, I saw this comic right at the start, back in the chapter era of the comic. Unfortunately that was right before my laptop broke. I sent it to texas then.... and still don't have it back. So I read when I could and finally got caught up, using the work laptop. It really was cool to see you get the hang of things and now your skills amaze me. All I gotta say is that you're doing an excellent job, and as a machinima director-producer-editor-writer without access to his files, offer you my help and maybe my camera man if you would like to start that machinima up! :)