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Like a lot of people I used to think this guy was a bit loony, but like you guys the man is earning my respect and admiration. Hell I'm starting to think this guy is the only smart and sane person in the opposition. Even if you don't care for the guy you have to admit he is one of the few that is out in the trenches getting beat up and almost seems to enjoy it. Just think now that he has been striped of his powers I'm sure he will have a lot of free time.

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Chavez's facial expression in the fourth picture from the top is priceless

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Kepler the video is on google video, I also posted La Cadena. For some reason X-ray of a lie saw a huge spike in viewers around the middle of Dec to Jan.

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For me it is hard to come up with a question without having read the book. It might be best to bring the topic up again in a few months after people have had the chance to read it then you could compile the "best" questions and then Brian can answer them, if he wishes.

btw, I look forward to reading it.

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OT, I was hoping the water would come out of his mouth, like the exorcist.

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I seems a little coincidental that now Chavez is jailing opposition leaders right as the economic downturn is just taking shape in Venezuela. Makes me think that:
1. The economic situation is going to be worse than many think, especially the government.
2. They are clearly afraid of discontent and anyone capable of leading it.

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"had the skinny on chavismo's decision to go after Manuel Rosales, casting it as both a ploy to divide the opposition and, at the same time, to build up Rosales's stature."

I think this supports my point from some days ago about how the opposition should play down the Rosale's thing and ignore it whenever possible. But NO what do they do? They play into Chavez. When is the opposition going to learn that they can not allow Chavez to always set the topic of the debate.

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FT, I am a little surprised at the harsher tone of the article. Even though I agree with what you wrote, I'm used to reading slightly more mild articles from you.

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That is pretty inexcusable. At least Miss South Carolina was nervous when she gave this stellar response:

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Decent article in the Economist

Money quote:

“Every day they light a candle to the recovery of the capitalist economy.” - José Guerra