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All can get healthCARE, though! It's just that they don't have health INSURANCE! Geez, do we have to keep fighting this? (I know, I know... it makes the media's job easier.)

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Good thing I have a self-propelled mulching mower.. I'm safe.. I have a 5 beer lawn.. sometimes 6 if the grass is too high.

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Let me help here.. Go look at your statements.. that may give you a clue.

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Not scientific but...

On Saturday, I saw at least 5-6 Help Wanted signs along a single stretch of Rt 60 between I79 and Crafton.
On Monday, I saw 4 Help Wanted signs in 4 adjacent businesses in a strip mall in Moon Twp. across the street from RMU.
Today, my local convenience store and auto repair shop has 2 signs - 1 for the store and 1 for the repair shop. I know the owners well. One said he simply cannot find people. The Office Max store had a sign out - Hiring.
The Rivers Casino is hiring.. I know, for a fact, they are desparate for waitresses or other service help.

But, I guess everyone wants to make $100,000 per year. Or, they make more on unemployment. Why work for $8,$9,$10 an hour when you can get $500 a week sleeping in, getting a tan, etc.? Or, they can't pass the drug test. ANY employer that doesn't use drug tests is stupid. Yes, I'm a business owner. We use drug tests.

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Beat me to it.. First thought was "Were the Clintons anywhere near?"

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As with Ray, I regret I have only one karma for you.

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I regret I have only one karma to give you on this one.

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Oh, great. Point-head academicians (sp?) advising career bureaucrats as to how to make an antiquated monopolistic system cater to or address the needs and sesires of John Q Public. What could go wrong?

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This business owner needs to take a long hard look at the benefits of his Plan and consider adjusting co-pays and life-time maximums on everything before he goes without.

My business was staring at ~38% in March 2010 from BC/BS NE PA. We pay 100% of our premiums and HAD to cut back to keep the increase to a more manageable amount. I'm deathly afraid of what's coming next renewal in March 2011.

Of course, if he goes without, he and his wife will probably get healthcare.

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I wish I could find the "Beating a Dead Horse" animation *.gif... thought I saved it one time, but apparently did not. It would fit with every one of your posts concerning sports. I'll find it again one of the days.