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A fine response. And no, the irony of me complaining about complainers is certainly not lost on me. This is most obviously an editorial (as you guessed), and I'd say I wished you agreed with me, but I went into this knowing full well that it would garner a ton of anger/bemusement BECAUSE so many would disagree. I'm comfortable with that. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond.

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While I won't apologize for my opinions, I most certainly did put my foot in my mouth with a couple things. I am humble enough to appreciate the corrections I'm getting. I had never seen an offline mode for Steam and made the grave error of assuming. Bad Alex. Thank you for pointing out the flaw. As for whether or not it will help fight piracy, it absolutely won't. People found a way around it with Starcraft 2 and they will find a way around this as well. And yes, this will certainly drive many people to pirate the game that otherwise might not have.

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I stand corrected on this. Thank you, Nathan.

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I'm a big fan of what Bioware has done with some of their DLC, by including some of it for free with new purchases of their games. They did this with Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2 and I felt like I was getting a bit extra for my money. Also, I'm all about what they are doing/going to do with ME2 - ME3 content, by releasing interim adventures that bridge the gap between the two games. I will gladly pay money for stuff like that. Aside from those two examples, which I am a huge proponent of, I pretty much agree with everyone here.

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Here at Gamer Reaction, we encourage everyone to express their own opinions, especially our writers. If you have a distaste for something, do you just keep quiet about it? I highly doubt it. Well thats exactly why Mr. Hufton wrote this article. Just because you disagree (which you are more than welcome to do) doesn't mean he shouldn't have expressed himself just as you have expressed YOURself here in the comments. See? It works both ways quite nicely. I know I personally have written a few articles about things I don't like. For me, its rather cathartic. Like getting something off your chest. If you would like to get anything off YOUR chest blabla, I encourage you to submit something or hit up the forums. We welcome everyone!

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Just as a point of order, I was disconnected whilst playing tonight and I actually crashed out twice. I'd also venture a guess that I have the best computer here. Its not the norm, but it happens. The game, while I love it and have no problem paying monthly for it, is flawed. Anyone who says it isn't is either very lucky or very stupid.

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Either way, both of you are getting shafted more than we are in the US. Its like... a shaft and a half over there.

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It has been fixed

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Fun fact: I play FFXIV with a joypad. Its infinitely better. WoW I played with a gaming keyboard though, and couldn't imagine playing with a controller.

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Congratulations, Courtenay! You won via our very scientific method of me saying "Hey Chris, pick a number between 1 and 10". Now all you need to do is send us an email with your mailing address so we can get you your prize! You can reach us easily by clicking on About on the top menu and using the contact form provided. Keep tuning in to Gamer Reaction!