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Spread peace instead of hatred. Don't tar all the Muslims with the one brush as you welcome negativeness with your words. There are good and bad people in each religion. G-d bless Israel and all the people.

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With all due respect buddy, in relation to your first statement, how many millionaires are pitching a tent in these protester camps?
Seems a large majority of these die-hards are supporting anarchy and not much else. If these so-called protesters are angry, why not lobby Washington and Obama? A lot of small business owners are suffering from the smell/ filth/ danger which these camps are generating. Getting "angry" is not going to solve anything. Forming a political group and taking the fight to the ruling system may get your voice heard. Otherwise you guys are wasting police time and generally hurting your own cause.

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C'mon, let's all be brothers on Breitbart.com and focus our energies on the real enemy.

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She does not have children...the boyfriend has acquired some kids along the way with a few failed marriages behind him. Juliar has definitely not given birth.

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Exactly imahobo...2 words from her and my remote control silences her droning tones. Apparently she has a very Adelaide style accent. Beats me, as I thought us Aussies sound alike. She and her latest squeeze did a puff piece on 60 Minutes Sunday night and the whole nation is cringing with embarrassment. She has not gained the role of PM outright & is only governing ( and that is a kind word ) with the help of loony leftie Greens and a few cowboy Independents. Very soon, her appalling opinion numbers will see her exit, stage left. It is sad that she neglected to meet with the DL, yet our opposition leader Tony Abbott (who is seems will be our next PM ) had the time and foresight to do so. Be assured that the Aussie people think the carbon tax is a croc. There is one member called "Auslinda" online here. Do your worst to give me a thumbs down, petal. Tootle-pip.

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Illogical untested hypothetical theories made by scientists whispering fear campaigns into the ears of politicians are crazy. Also Auslinda, I can quote as many google links as you can showing scientists who think climate change, AGW, greenhouse gas effects or whatever trendy term the greenies use for the day, is absolute bollocks. So shall be have google links at 10 paces? Time will tell.
And don't bother with the "someone think of the children" B/S. The kids will be just fine.

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Actually, Kevin Rudd was stabbed in the back, undermined and betrayed by a group of factional men Auslinda, so push your greenie views elsewhere. She is a 2-faced backstabber who will lose the next election, but if you want to believe Bob Brown's fairystories go right ahead. The Greens and Independents were bought with pork barrelling and 30 pieces of silver. I'm with you with cleaning up the environment, but a BIG FAT CARBON TAX is not the way to do it. Climate change = climate cycle which has been going on since earth was formed. It's just another warmist term designed for income redistribution.

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Not "Aussies" Capt, just the nut-job who has temporary control of the red button here in Oz. Julia Gillard is an import from Wales who stabbed the previous Prime Minister in the back then took over power. It is a different system to you guys in America. What she has done to govern is cobble together loons from the left ( The Greens ) and bribed Independents who would sell their own grandmothers, to form a govt.
People here are disgusted with the hoops she is dragging us through and @ the next election she is toast.. BTW Andrew, love the job you are doing to show Weiner up. Keep up the good work...

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Agree with you Rasp. He is a nutter...someone from the White House perhaps?

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Mods, get this loser deleted now!!!!!!!!!!!