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What difference does it make when it is already suicide when they decide to join ISIS ? Whether die early or later,here or in Syria is still the same as long as they die for their God.

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At one time not so long ago any shop openly or secretly selling or stocking prohibited communist merchandise from China would have been promptly raided and closed down and the shop owner thrown in jail. Since the police already have experience dealing with communism why cant they apply the same tactics to these religious militants ? Are they also scared to be labelled anti islam ?

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So that the Professor who is a BM lover can keep his job and grow his reputation.I doubt there is such high demand to learn BM over there as economically it does not make sense.

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Which political party does not have to beg voters for their votes ? Election campaigning is just plain begging for votes unless the party is so strong it does not need to campaign at all. Umno has to beg harder for non malay votes now because of previous unfulfilled promises,loss of trust and poor governance. At least umno has more resources and options at its disposal to supplement its begging which other parties do not have.

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When was the last time Umno ever dscussed or consulted with component parties before making any important BN govt policies or laws that affect the whole country ? Now they are openly saying BN govt is umno.Important govt policy decisions or laws are made by umno at their assemblies not at cabinet meetings,parliament or BN assemblies so that their leaders can gain support and score political dividends.As long as umno members want it and are happy their leaders will grant them.This just show how irrelevant BN component parties have become in the eyes of umno.

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The "rakyat" here does not mean you or I. It means just umno members.He has fulfilled his slogan promise.

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Are you sure ? He is also for retaining sedition act just like Najib. Also a die hard umno member.

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Why are you so concerned with championing human rights in Singapore when there are worse violations here unless you are not Malaysian ? DAP already fighting for human rights and equal rights.for all Malaysians here. DAP whether it has any connection with PAP does not have the power or right to interfere in the affairs of another independent country. DAP as a local political party must fight for local interest first.Why must you pit DAP with PAP ? PAP is the ruling party of Singapore while DAP is just ruling Penang state.Get your priorities right.

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One is considered a diplomat and the other just a MAS employee. If the crime was committed in Malaysia why was he detained in France.Under what international laws or power can the govt use to get him back to Malaysia. If the detention by the French govt is illegal his union can get help from whichever international union they are affilliated with. Our govt may not want to put itself in a difficult situation confronting the French authorities.

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You are too naive. Who do you think will get the business contract/licence for this national privatised education ? You can be sure the terms,policies and curriculum will all be determined by umno/bn. We will again be back to square one.