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Now I'm hoping the comic book writers will create an issue revolving around Sugar Belle, Night Glider, Party Favor, and Double Diamond. For some reason, I really love all four of them.

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I'm definitely placing my bets on her showing up again in the season finale as the big villain. They must've left her motives vague for a reason, and she did leave pretty abruptly. We'll probably find the answers in the finale, if anything. Also got a lot of 1984 vibes from her and the episode in general.

I also can't get over the fact that her name rhymes with Sunset Shimmer.

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Gotta admit, this is both hilarious and fitting. Well done.

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#20 Who's a silly pony? Applejack!

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Did not expect this to be a key episode.

Maybe it's because I'm slightly biased, since AJ is my favorite pony, but I liked it!

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My god. This looks like something the fandom would produce.

But seeing and hearing it from the studio themselves makes it even more awesome. Looks like Daniel is taking some notes from the music side of the fandom. d:

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#22: Crystal Coco looks amazing!

Also, darn the fandom making me love characters I initially didn't enjoy! Personally, I didn't really enjoy Maud at first, but gosh darn it, all this fan art, comics, and characterizations have grown on me to make me like her more and more.

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Wow, have to say that the quality of this series has very much improved. Great job!

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While AJ may be my favorite pony, Pinkie episodes are definitely my favorite type.

Whenever Pinkie gets sad, I get sad. :(

But yeah! Loved this episode. Songs were AMAZING, and I really love hearing Pinkie's singing voice, as well as Weird Al! Seriously, I love a lot of things about this episode.

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I was not ready for what happens when you drop her twice.