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To be fair, the Dept of the Army and Dept of the Navy both have a civilian contractor running all their computers and networks. If they had to do the scrubbing and everything themselves they would be blocking just like the airforce. In fact I bet that onboard ships at sea those sites are being blocked just to prevent a headache for security and IT personnel.

The Army Intranet and Navy Marine Corps Intranet are run like corporate networks instead of military ones.

IT1(SW) USN - Former

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The idiots on the left have always argued as if economic activity would have been exactly the same DESPITE the tax cuts, and thus, cutting those taxes only means we made less in the long run. They will never admit that tax cuts DROVE economic activity.

And now for a blast from the past. I hope I do him proud in homage

Something something 30 years of conservative rule...
Something something Bush tax cuts responsible for the current debt and deficits..

Something something Darkside

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Up until the 1950's-ish we were a very patriotic America is great, Family First type of nation. Then thanks to piss-pants government who didn't have the testicular fortitude to WIN whether we belonged there or not; we had the debacles in Korea and Vietnam.

That was quickly followed by the "peace movement" and hippies and anti-war protests and guess what, that generation of hippies and peacenicks are the ones who are now running the leftist media and in places of power on the liberal side of the aisle. They HATE America as it was in the early part of the 20th century, and since 1960 have been actively working to destroy it.

There is something to be said about opening your eyes, not blindly trusting the government and not being blindly patriotic. But this was the most prosperous country in the world for a reason, and America has been in decline since hippies and socialists began to take over form 1960's til today.

They have a 50 year plan, Barack Obama (whether he knows it or not) is the chosen one who is was supposed to lead us; the culmination of 50 years of grooming and planning to turn us into a new Socialist State. Unfortunately there is this little thing called Freedom, and people have begun to realize just how close they are to losing it.

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You are correct, liberals do not own the patent on talking out both sides of their mouth. Our side doesn't march in lockstep like the left tries hard to make it sound.

Telling you to go to school instead of collecting unemployment is stupid, having a degree makes you more hireable(sp?) but for the most part, you go from being a small fish in a big pond, to being a small brightly colored fish in a big pond. There are still millions of other people, many more qualified than you, with more experience, looking for that same job.

Better educated people will not lower the unemployment rate, but getting them to go to school and stop receiving benefits will get them off the unemployment rolls for awhile. Politicians suck on both sides of the aisle.

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Okay, you got me :)

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You know, I would be all for government helping with education. However I think if we MUST subsidize, and if those who argue that education is good for the entire country must be appeased. Then I say government subsiized education should only be available for certain NEEDED jobs based on the census and interviews with employers. At the moment there is a HUGE need for engineers in line production facilities.

Overinflated education prices, lower paying jobs because there is a glut of college graduates in the labor pool, less people getting an expensive engineering degree because they look at the bottom line and know its not worth it.

The really sad part is, there are MANY "uneducated" people who could perform well in that job, who don't have a degree. But a degree is now REQUIRED by that company.

I changed my mind, any interference by government leads to unintended consequences.

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Education is freedom up to a point, excessive education is just what it sounds like.

We can't all be rocket scientists, there are only so many rockets. And we really do have quite enough liberal arts graduates already working at McDonalds.

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With body cavity check...

The TSA agent placed a hand on my shoulder and said "I really am sorry for the discomfort I have to cause you."

The Passenger says, "Oh I am happy to make flying safer."

The TSA agent placed a finger at the cavity in question, "Alright, take a deep breath and slowly let it out."

He placed his other hand on my shoulder, that's when I realized he wasn't using his finger...

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In the US we have all kinds of religion and ethnic backgrounds but the one thing that used to be universal. That Americans DID march in lockstep, was Patriotism. Everyone loved this country no matter what their religion or background. We used to say the Pledge of Allegiance and stand up and cover your heart during the National Anthem.

Liberal policies have been put in place to make people hate this country. (see Vietnam, Korea, Hippies)

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When government schools "council" every student that they MUST go to college, because those numbers look good on their bottom line. And those kids have been groomed by the schools since kindergarten and by parents who were likely groomed by government schools to believe the same thing. Then yes, the government DOES have some culpability.

However, bottom line, the polls are right. Personal responsibility includes knowing what your limitations are, and knowing when to quit gracefully.

The drop outs are the fault of the students and the parents; and to some degree the colleges who more and more see students as cash cows rather than pupils. But the education price overruns and the looming education funding bubble are purely the fault of the government for meddling.