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Hmm - over drilling and over-saturating the market with inventory leads to low prices and lay-offs - gee, who knew?

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Does make me wonder who they are going to blame everything on when we boomers are all dead and gone ............ and who the kids born in the next two decades will blame in the 2040/50's ......

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Who or what is "Nicholls State"? Is it a community college from the Midwest?

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Please supply the Wildlife folks with your address, so they'll have a location to release troublesome bears ........

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Can not Buddhists be bit by fleas? Can not Buddhists contract bubonic plague?

Perhaps if the persons so amped up by Naropa merely applying for a permit got involved and offered to help find a relocation site (or offered their backyards?), this wouldn't even be an issue. Or are the 135,000 persons happy to click a button and feel like they've accomplished something, but have no intention of investing any time or efforts otherwise?

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Trash and campfire rings at most of the pullouts along Hwy 7 west of Lyons, too. Definitely not a transient problem there, either.

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Another "phone it in" article planned for late September, no matter if the rut is in full swing or not. Have to agree with 'aw_' above - it's been a fairly weak rut so far. Hardly any elk on the golf courses in town, very little bugling activity.

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If after all these years you haven't figured out how to have a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th email address for use as a faux email drop box, perhaps the technology has exceeded your abilities .......

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Yes, in order to log-in to Disqus you will have to have cookies enabled.
If you usually don't accept cookies, then add disqus.com to your cookies 'allow' or 'allow for session' whitelist. Remember, if you "allow for session" you'll have to log-in each time you shut down/restart your browser.

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"I always like to recommend driving along the Peak to Peak highway near Estes (Park) ..."

No! I'm sure you are wrong! People, head out to Sterling or other towns along the South Platte - I hear the cottonwoods along the river put on an amazing display! And the people out that way are known for being so inviting and friendly to tourists (they just love Subarus!!). Please, up here in the foothills - no mas, no mas .......