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You are absolutely right, Robert. Things are not the way they used to be and it's getting worse. I blame parents, schools, the media, the government, and society in general for the ever growing moral decay in society. You said it all in your masterpiece, "How You Can Find Happiness During The Collapse of Western Civilization" you released back in the eighties. What was once good is now considered to be unacceptable and bad, and what was once bad is now considered to be acceptable and good. It is the fact that values are changing and I try to shield myself from it as much as I can, because the only one whose thoughts and actions I can control are mine.

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If the earth is getting warmer, as climate-change fanatics like to preach, then shouldn't winters become more warmer and milder, in spite of the contrary? It doesn't make sense.

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Biden is a pitiful poor excuse for a president. The far left are even now saying the Republicans, maybe even Donald Trump himself (!), yeah, can you believe that(?), are the ones who put the documents in the garage in retaliation for the Trump estate raid. My personal guess is that they will do all can to let it blow over by giving Biden the "kid-gloves" treatment as has always been the case for him and his family all his life, and hoping some other "scandal" (by the Republicans of course) can shift the focus away from the whole thing. I sure hope I am wrong about this, but I have been saying for a long time that if push comes to shove and the Republicans don't get their act together fast, Biden will run in 2024 and be re-elected. For the sake of all of us and the country, I surely hope not. Else, the country is through.

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Washington is a complete mess that keeps getting worse and worse and worse. They are setting ourselves up for a complete total collapse of the U.S. economy and the bringing about of a total government dictatorship. That you can take to the bank for sure!

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It seems like people nowadays are so used to having less and less freedom that they do not know where freedom ends and slavery begins.

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That is absolutely disgusting and shameful, but absolutely true sad to say.

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I totally agree with you.

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I say let's quit playing around and send them all to prison.

Your article here is excellent, Robert, but one thing here does concern me. It is the last paragraph. To me they have already sent a senile individual with no accomplishments to the White House. And his name is Joseph Robinette Biden.

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I believe all Americans want freedom, the freedom to do what they want, and the freedom to speak what they want. But there has to be a limit to what one can do or say if the consequences cause harm or violate the rights of another person.

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I am shocked, disappointed, and disillusioned beyond belief with the results of the midterms. In the back of my mind though, I was wondering what the impact of student loan forgiveness and abortion would have on the results. But I believed wrongly that inflation, open borders, fuel and energy shortages, the economy, Biden's imcompetence at home and abroad, et al. would have overridden them. If people are willing and dumb enough to vote for people like Fetterman, they are equally willing and dumb enough to re-elect someone like Biden. Or worse yet, eight more years of Hell under someone else. That's why I have a very bad feeling about 2024. The latest news is that there are a small group of "people pleasing" Republicans, aka. as RINOs , who say the "Old Party" is dead and it's now time to reshape and remake the party into one that is more in line with the views of the average voter. If it is what I think it is, thanks but no thanks!