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In your heart, you know he's right! Au H2O '24-->

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Excellent article and well-written. It's all part of the plan for Democrats to destroy this country. With more and more of illegals becoming voting Democrats, probably the Republicans will be so greatly outnumbered, that the Republican party will be relegated to the status of a minor third-party. It will be virtually iimpossible to elect a Republican president. The country will become lmore redistributionistic and more crime-ridden. That is just a start.

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Excellent article. It's all of a part to destroy this country once and for all. The vast majoriity of these illegals will register and vote Democratic which will result in the Republican party so greatly outnumbered, it will result in becoming the status of a minor third party. So we will probably never see another Republican president again. The country will keep becoming more socialistic and redistributionistic, and more crime-ridden. English will no longer be the main official language of this country........and on and on. And it's only the beginning of what is yet to come!

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So would I!

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And a senile old fool Sleepy Joe is! I really do not think that he will be around long enough to be the Dirty Dems' party nominee in 2024. The reason is that he hasn't been in the White House even a year yet and already the Dirty Dems are desparately "looking" for someone to replace him. Creepy Joe just isn't as far-left as they would like him to be. And that someone, sorry to say, is Horrible Hillary. I sincerely believe that she wants a rematch to "right" the "wrong" that she feels was done to her in 2016 in losing to Donald Trump. And she wants a rematch against Donald Trump to do it in 2024. She has even gotten out her old 2016 victory speech and dusted it off in preparation for 2024. There seems to be no getting rid of her. She keeps hanging around like a pesty fly. The reason is because she is getting a lot of push from her sexual perv husband, Bill, who has publicly stated that there is no one better qualified than her. Man alive, he 's almost cognitively out of it as Creepy Joe! Robert, I hope you are absolutely right in saying that Hillary will never be president, because if she were to run and get elected, that will be the final nail hammered into America's coffin.

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Biden and the leftees are driving this country down Red Baron style fast. The Dirty Dems are so intent on clinging to power in this country that some are even currently looking for someone to replace Biden in 2024. They couldn't care less about Biden, who in their view is expendible, or the deterioration of the country. Their main concern is holding onto power whatever it takes legally or illegally. That's why it is imperative that they lose both the House and Senate in 2022 and the White House in 2024. But the problem is that history tends to repeat itself, because the Dirty Dems could still win in 2024, just as Clinton did in 1996 and Obama did in 2012. People tend to have short memories and tend to forget very quickly. You can bet there will be massive voter fraud in 2024 on a scale that will dwarf in comparison to that of 2016. I'm not sure Trump would be the best GOP nominee in 2024, because nationwide polls are showing that a rematch between Trump and Biden shows only a one point difference, at this point in time anyway. I am beginning to think that perhaps Ron DeSantis would be a better choice. Current polls are showing him beating Biden by a larger margin. Assuming the Republican (a true conservative one, that is) does win back the White House, look for the Dirty Dems, the sore losers they are, start crying again for abolition of the Electoral College because the results didn't go their way.

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The quote you posted in this article about Josef Stalin, "The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything" is very well-suited to the results of the Trump "defeat" in 2020. Like Stalin like Democrats! Not a dime's worth of difference between the two. The ones who counted the votes is the reason we are stuck with that loser, Biden.

The Republicans always have, are, and will be all talk and no action. They only do what they are best doing, warming their bench.

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Oh, I believe anything about W. Remember, he is the one who picked John Roberts, with that silly smirk on his face (a complete and total waste) for the Supreme Court and he refused to support Trump both times for President. I rest my case.

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My patience wearing thin? My patience with the Left and all their b***sh*t is long gone. Their wanting to "come together as one" is only when it supports their end, an increase in power which ultimately results in totalitarianism and a total loss of freedom. For the Left an increase in power is a total loss of freedom. They are synonomous. All they do is babble on and on about how "bad" this country is and their solutions are a total collosal disaster. Just look at them. Uncontrolled illegal immigration, runaway inflation, attacks on our law enforcement, rampant crime and lawlessness in our cities, manufactured racial crises, attacks on patriotism, our history, and Western values, just to name a few, and the list goes on and on. I have gotten so saturated and frustrated with all of this that I try to tune it out. It's because I feel helpless, frustrated, and depressed in trying to do anything to turn this all around. As for Republicans taking over the House and Senate in 2022, I expect them to do what they are best at doing. Just sitting around, benchwarming, and collecting a taxpayer-funded paycheck. Yes, my patience is gone! Long gone!