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80 degrees is not too warm by anyone's standards I know. I think this is a little biased reporting :) by our resident weather genius who is widely known to love 58 degree days and drizzle.

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The only thing uselsss here is you. You are a troll and a no-tact d-bag. You are probably some entry level desk jockey with nothing better to do than to post 'snarky' comments to make you feel better about your mundane life.

Keep up the great blog, Scott!! BTW, I think you should pen a book about weather and science for kids (and big kids like me!) - you have a natural talent for explaining things in a way people can easily understand.

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How in the world is the mother not on trial as well?!? She's letting some greasy 20 year-old thug "date" her 13 (at the time) daughter!! The ignorance of these people baffles me. How fcking stupid and ignorannt can one be?

Things like this make me wish they would stop Social Services - cut medical to the chronically unemployed and lazy trash so that they can die out and natural selection can run its course.

Even if that poor baby wouldn't have been killed in this tragic event, it would have been doomed anyways. What a tragedy.

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It's incredibly sad. These people continue to have babies because of the extra benefits they receive from DSHS and other government subsidies. They pay no taxes whatsoever, receive free housing, free healthcare and free food. Pop out another child that you have no feelings for, get more $$$. There is no father or "baby daddy." This lady and others are "professional birthers."

All the while you and I are paying for these children. We are more of a parent than this monster. And I am willing to bet that we are more upset and remorseful than this beast is. Lock her up forever. Terrible.

UPDATE: Here's further proof of what motivates and entices these unfit parents into having more and more and more children: www.msnbc.msn.com/id/28903962/?GT1=43001

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Why can't anyone do anything?! Why is Belltown a crack-haven? Our mayor and city council are worried about Alki bonfires, plastic bags and million dollar toilets, while there is a major problem facing the city!

This is not the same Seattle we all grew up with. Seattle is becoming a decaying, divided shell of a city. By describing it as a shell, I am referring to the pathetic and inept attempts if our "leaders" to dress up the city, cover the problems with paint and feathers and create a phasad that hardly masks the reeking mess that is currently poisoning this city.

Mark my words, our city is at a crossroad. It's time to do something - no more Nickels. What path will it be, Seattle? Can we reclaim Seattle? Or will we become Detroit with a flaccid aerospace industry subsituting for an auto industry?

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What's really surprising to me is that Seattle is in the same USDA hardiness zone (8b) as some very warm cities, such as New Orleans, Las Vegas, Jacksonville and Tallahassee. There are 20 zones. Zone number means average lowest temperature of the year. The zoning dictates what can grow where. Many tropical plants don't necessarily need 85 degree weather to flourish - they just need the temperatures not to drop below a certain low.
This means that nearly any plant that can survive in like-zoned areas, can exist here - with a little bit of TLC. This is why I am able to have a Mexican fan palm and three satsuma trees in my backyard.
In fact, Las Vegas, in all of its palm-filled splendor, is actually bordering a colder zone (8a) than Seattle. Why we don't have palms around Seattle, i don't know - it's not like they are native to Las Vegas or Los Angeles.

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Funny how an article about TypoBuddy (TypoB uddy) has a typo.

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I couldn't have said it better! We had no Spring this year - at all. June was a complete waste until the last weekend, SeaFair was subpar with clouds all day Saturday and half of Sunday, and we missed half of August - statistically our best month.

Also, this new index penalizes temps over 84! Most people love temps in the mid-80's! This is why we go to Hawaii, and not the Aleutians for vacation. Also, points are given for a 70-degree day. How is a partly-cloudy 70-degree (for a high, mind you - it could be in the 50's and 60's all day and hit 70 at 5pm) rate as an ideal Summer day?

With all due respect - I love reading this data, and I appreciate the diligent work - This index that doesn't reflect the majority of our sentiments.

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Scott - You have to admit...this is Augtober. We haven't been at normal in over a week, and won't be for as long as anyone is predicting. Looks like our 3-week Summer - a mere aberration in between cold fronts - is finally over until 7/5/09.