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Chik-fil-A used to be a "cheat-meal" treat, part of the fun of visiting my in-laws in Georgia. I have let that go, with no complaints. I don't have a lot of $$ to give to all the causes I support, but I definitely have the power to choose who will NOT benefit from them.

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Wow, these are awesome! I'm already up past bedtime, but think I may have to check out the blog before sleep... thanks!

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Personhood of a fetus was apparently taken for granted in this Florida case: http://evilslutopia.com/2010/02/is-your-fetus-mor... (post also links to personhood activists' site) Pretty frightening stuff...

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If (when?) I get around to creating a steampunk character for myself, she will benefit from all the advantages of alternative history - not just the marvels of engineering & science, but an alternative political history which allows for a gender-type-busting role. It's like 11-year-old me gets my tomboy fantasy - finally, I could be a pirate captain, and it wouldn't be questioned (or ridiculed) by the boys.

Along these same lines, I think today's girls could benefit from having more girls like Lyra Silvertongue out there in stories - leaders & rescuers in their own right (not there to be rescued, like you noted).

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Sorry to disappoint! Next time I use a title like that, I'll include an appropriate link, just in case - don't want to be labeled a tease :)

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The tentative date allows me plenty of time to plan for it *fingers-crossed*. I do like attending demonstrations when I'm able; was bummed I couldn't attend the Godless March on Washington of a few years ago. I would go even if there is no conference. The formal organizations, if they intend to have a summit, could do that on the eve of action on the Mall. Are they considering holding it as a cultural festival? Or like a giant farmer's market, only for ideas instead of produce? Y'know, you got your small stages for the freethinking comedians & musicians - ooh, and a giant video screen for melody sheep's videos (like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGK84Poeynk).

And OOOH, wouldn't it be awesome to have this "Rational Day on the Mall" on the annual nat'l prayer day?!

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Thanks for the recap, & for the blog! Happy New Year!

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How gratifying to have all your work recognized - Congratulations! And best wishes in the New Year, too :)

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Good catch, & good questions (and the photo approximates my feelings, too!).

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Thanks for the comment and the clarification; edited to just "SWOP"