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I LOVE this post! I am an ecstatic dancer (which is a new term to me and one I love) and am well known in my area (which is small and midwestern: read backward) as the dancingest chick at the show. I can dance to ANYTHING that has a beat (and sometimes things without beat as well) and I LOVE to dance. It can be industrial, techno, rock, country, bluegrass, pop, hip-hop, reggae, tribal, or latin and I will be dancing to it. Disco? Polka? Electric Slide? Yep I'm dancing. It is my favorite exercise and expression and it makes me happy! I like reading about Ariel-the-dancer and also reading how that person has changed and adapted with age, but hasn't been diluted or replaced. You are pretty much who I want to be when I 'grow up' but in my Julia way. Thanks for the inspiring post.

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I know a lot of offbeat parents who have had an interesting time walking the fine line of protecting the innocence of their children and having the music and lifestyle that they prefer. Many of the parents I know have taken their children to concerts and festivals without any fear of the things their children would be exposed to. I believe they handle those awkward questions fairly honestly and implore their children not to repeat the words they hear in the music. Also their kids realize that they are listening to grown-up music and that if they don't behave with the things they hear that they will lose that privilege. They feel like they are getting a treat when they get to go to mommy and daddy's concert or listen to mommy's song in the car. I think it's great that you are exposing your children to so many diverse kinds of music and I hope they grow to become accomplished musicians/dancer/connoisseurs.

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Great Post! My mama was the same way. She is EVERYONE's mom. She certainly raised my sister and I with a unique and unconventional approach. A lot of my friends are jealous of my awesome mom and the close relationship we have, I only hope that someday I can be as awesome for my children.

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I hope you get the Fbook connect working (it doesn't right this second)! I know I have Intensedebate but I like FB connect the best.

I agree with the colorscheme, but I am definitely biased against brown and toward BRIGHT color in the warm family.

I also think age ranges are a GREAT idea.

Anyway, I think by now you know I love you, But in case you forgot: I love you! This site makes me happyhappyhappy!

And, um, your rss button seems to subscribe to offbeatbride, not offbeatmama?! weird...

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Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. If you have a few (2 maybe) months to stay home with your baby, just sleep when your baby sleeps and you will be just fine, that is how my best friend survived her first few months and her baby was sleeping through the night remarkably early. (maybe this is the co-sleeping thing..idk I dont have a baby yet O.o)

That being said, I wouldn't be so worried, every baby is different and every mama is different. I am definitely a fan of telling people to shut the hell up (especially if you are already so stressed about one thing).

Also, do you have a midwife or an Ob? I am 100% a fan of midwifes and home-births. So much so that I am planning to BE a midwife as my career. (in like 10 years of schooling...lol). Seattle is a wonderful place for offbeat mamas because there are many midwifes, both Nurse-midwifes and direct-entry midwifes to choose from.

You are going to love having kids though, you are a very nurturing person (clear by how you run your tribe). If you do get an offbeatmama.com, you know I will be right there (even though Im still unmarried and still childless).

p.s. this post is a beautiful example of why you needed a new commenting system. I love it and think it works beautifully (especially because I use Firefox). :D