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This author clearly thinks that only problems that affect her exist.

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All the teachers I know are workshy whiners who think the education system exists for their benefit. But I only know a dozen or so.

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If you look hard in today's BBC's live coronavirus story you'll find, buried as well as possible, the news that the UK is conducting twice as many tests as Germany, France and Spain. A little bit of good news.

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I agree with this. But I would add that nowadays the public are so entitled that it is expected that no-one should suffer any consequences ever, even when it is obvious that there are consequences to be borne somewhere. Are the quangos more useless than historically, or are media and public expectations just more impossible now?

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Obviously there shouldn't have been a U turn. Thats just stirring up huge trouble for next year. But equally they should have prepared the ground better. It's not like this wasn't entirely predictable, as everyone else has said.

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If they had announced the results a couple of months ago there would have been time for the appeals process to sort the outliers out before University term started.

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In Scotland where they let predicted grades stand they were up 24%. So they are going to have a bit of a problem next year assuming exams are back on and results are 20% lower.

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And remember that they still took payment for exams that weren't set or marked.

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There is almost no possibility of a second total lockdown being ordered, irrespective of the severity of a second wave. If a second wave turns out to be particularly devastating then with hindsight people might say that we should have had a second total lockdown.

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What Scotland did, allowing teachers to just invent grades, was ridiculous. What are they going to do next year when exam-tested highera grades are 20% lower? Bunch of clowns.