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The Euro is on the verge of collapsing or spiraling into chaos with Greece, Portugal and Spain leaving or getting thrown out. Downgrades and defaults are on the horizon. Greece is looking at paying 60 cents on the dollar for their debt. Who would want to join this club at this point in time?

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So your alcoholic uncle, who hasn't been sober for 30 years shows up on your doorstep and tells you he "really, really learned this time and won't EVER, EVER drink again." Then goes on to say, "I could really use $20 to get something to eat before I look for a job and get into rehab."

After you give him the money, are you really that surprised when you find out he ran to the closest liquor store, bought some booze and is now sleeping it off in the park?

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I guess none of that TARP money went toward programs designed to protect the personal information of cardholders. So.....where did all of the taxpayer's money go?

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Driving to work this morning I saw something on the highway that made me vomit in mouth and nearly drive off the road.

It was a bumper sticker that read.........."Obama 2012"

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Years ago two Mexicans appeared on the TV show, "That's Incredible!".

One was an only child and the other was an honest cop.

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Oh that Euro Trash. They're always up to something. If they're not contracepting themselves into extinction, then they're taking 12 weeks vacation or opening the door to droves of Muslims and expecting to pay for it all with someone else's money.

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This is a two part strategy. First they outlaw offensive language and follow up with a total ban on criticizing "Dear Leader".

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Next on the docket for review: Investigations into excessively high levels of estrogen in Male Figure Skaters who wear feather boas and stilettos when going out on a Saturday night.

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Michelle Obama just called the hotel and asked for adjoining presidential suites. When asked if the method of payment would be American Express, she replied, "No. Even better. American Taxpayer."

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Speaking of First Ladies in movies.

Did everyone catch Michelle Obama in the Bruger King Bikini Ramgage on YouTube?