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I'm sure he was being watched by the FBI and trying to run would have only worsened his case.

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So I didn't give my money to GM, because I don't like their cars, but never fear, my Gov't will give them my money anyway...

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I know Rush has a history of drugs. So does our current president! It seems that this country doesn't really care about drugs anymore. It's my opinion as a teacher, that drugs are the single thing that is ruining our country. Above all other things! Apathy, murder,voilent crime, welfare, child neglect, abuse, fatal accidents etc..can all be directly contributed to drugs!

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I want a Romney/Jindel ticket

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What is your opinion on the woman who called 911 because McDonalds ran out of what she ordered and wouldn't return her money?

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There were even many more on here that only began listening to Rush after Obama put him down. I know hundred of thousands listen to him. But it will take MILLIONS to believe in one guy before the Republicans gain power again. Rush has wonderful opinions, but his job is to create contraversy and drama. This country is in trouble and we need a new real voice. Both Steele and Rush misk the mark. I hope Romney is the man, but I'm not sure of that either. Jindal was looking promising, but even he still misses the mark somehow. No Palin isn't it either. We need a new face. Quickly!

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Media is creating drama with Steele and Rush. Listen to the whole thing. Steele respects Rush as a commentator, giving many Republicans a voice. The problem he has is that only extreme right will listen to Rush, and it will take more than that to get the Republicans back in the White House. My opionon, it doesn't matter. Our current leader is hanging himself! Like Carter did.

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Just wondering, Have any one of you heard from your friends who are democrats their take on all of this "recovery"? My teacher friends tend to be kind of quiet, but still will not put our elected heros down.

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I'm sure you're right. I just wonder if you are talking about blue collar and white collar jobs. It is much cheaper to hire foreign workers to do simple jobs. But what about the scientists, mathematicians, researchers or innovators? What I see fear we are doing here is elimination the zest for innovation and thinking outside the box.
My stimulus package would be to provide a few billion dollars for new "innovative" ideas that would actually turn into small businesses and create jobs. We need to evolve! Chrysler and GM needs to evolve! If "old folks" keep doing what they've been doing, then the kids with the fresh new ideas are left to rot and those ideas are lost forever. We are still educating for an industrial age, and that time has long gone. So much in our current education is useless. We need to teach kids to INVENT and THINK.

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I wish I could agree that the talent here is being overlooked. But I see more and more that we are not raising children that think. They are not learning, and retaining because so many parents have the "what did you do to my child" attitude. I do not use a textbook in my classroom because it really keeps students from learning! And so many parents think its ok to let their kids miss school or come in late.
Until students are required to actually think, learn and actually show up for their "job" , employers will continue to hire anyone besides Americans.