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"I'm not even going to pick on you for being a moderate libertarian."

You know what they say. Anything in moderation. :)

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Oh yeah, like Anarchy has ever worked. Just look at the Native Americans. Thank God we came along and gave them government or you can just imagine the atrocities that would have occurred. Another good example is the Internet, there is serious need for more government control. Just look at the fine example China is providing on governing the Internet. Now that governments around the world are looking to take more control of the world wide web things are going to get so much better, I know it.

Ok, I reached my sarcasm quota early today.

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Haha, I doubt they'll only be twice as crappy. They couldn't make a profit before the government took over. The only way I see for them to possibly "turning it around" is to get some extra help from their majority share holder. Maybe they'll start getting free advertising space in the DMV and Post Office. It would be kinda fitting actually. They already started giving tax breaks to people trading in old buckets. How long before similar projects start popping up with "standards" that favor GM?

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Oh I'm planning it. Looking forward to the pay increase I'll get when I get out from under these tax rates.

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We're pretty screwed either way. If we concede to the Ma bells mutant bastard children open access is pretty much done for most people. They probably have a million different plans on how to gouge customers and content providers a like based on their government sanctioned monopolies. If we hand over control to the government then we have to deal with the current administration that is pretty much bought and paid for by the entertainment industry. Plus we set the precedent of government authority which really is the biggest threat in the long run. I think eventually technology and innovation will help get us past the dilemma.

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I'm not saying the buyer should take what they want without compensation. The problem is the monopolies the RIAA and MPAA have on the industries. The internet and new systems to distribute content should have been the natural way for the market to break those monopolies but they went to congress and changed the law in their favor. That didn't work so now they are trying to change the law again by making ISP's filter content. The buyer obviously wants a different business model but the RIAA and MPAA refuse to change.

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Hmm. Inspirational speaker, talked about getting past the left vs right dynamic, part of a political party that just regained power, appoints a party insider (douche bag) for VP. Did Reagan also make an economic plan his first priority which was then high jacked by entrenched and incompetent members of his own party?

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Yeah, I blocked it out. Kinda like my after school bible study classes. Nothing happened. :(

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Oh come on, anyone can throw $700 million dollars at a problem and not see results. It's not like they did it twice...

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She deserves every cent, if for nothing else than establishing the precedent. I really hope this keeps getting publicity so more women will follow in her foot steps. Well maybe not foot steps....butt print? Knowing the sophistication level of the media I don't doubt it will run for a good long time. With prices like these it won't be long before every Tina, Dian, and Harriet is selling off cherries like they're at a ice cream convention. It won't be long before the market is saturated and eventually the bubble will burst... or the cherry will pop.

In either case I couldn't care less. The world needs fewer virgins and fewer people who hold chastity and virginity up as some sacred thing. Hopefully this will get more people to actually think "what is it worth and why?" The only losers in this are the jackasses paying for virginity. Seriously, that's like hiring a blind painter to do your portrait.