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Hey, you're leaving out the other anti-Avatar: Battle Los Angeles. Good film. One of the better alien invasion movies, IMO.

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Holy crap.

You made the world a slightly more balanced place, dude. You will be missed. RIP.

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Aww, suckage. I grew up watchin' reruns of The Monkees. RIP, man.

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I found GoT to be remarkably enjoyable, even having read the books-- and I think I prefer it to the books. The unrelenting grim-dark everything's horribleness is far more palatable in hour long segments; in a 1000 page book, it wears at my soul.

That having been said, the attitude's getting old as of the newest book. It's getting to the point where it's no longer shocking or unpredictable.

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I'm so confused by this movie. Part of me is like, "Why Abe Lincoln? What does that add to it?" The other part of me is pretty much, "Duuuude. Also, Johnny Cash, dude."

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You know, there's a fair amount of conservatism in scifi. There's also a fair amount of hippy treehuggery propaganda, but look at Poul Anderson, John C. Wright, Michael Flynn, Heinlein's earlier stuff, and heck, Atlas Shrugged veers in to dystopic scifi. (Rearden metal, Project X, and a frikking zero point-energy engine?)

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Ach, too bad this will only be on sale for another month before they PUT IT IN THE VAULT FOREVER. Or until next week or whenever.

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Hmm. I think he has my vote. If it comes down to a war between the US and Russia ever, we could then just send our respective presidents out to have a duel to the death.

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Well, I'll give it this: The Josh Excitement Slider just moved from "Meh" to "I could probably be convinced to see it."

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