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As a fan of IMPACT this would be a disaster as both guys really add something to the company and really are great talents who will be wasted in wwe (whether that's NXT or the main roster), its not easy to say no to WWE though.

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People seem to be forgetting that Jericho is just as close with Don Callis and Scott D'amore as he is with Vince (if not even more so) and so if he isn't legally under contract to WWE (which I don't think he is) then an appearance in IMPACT is definitely possible, however this promo is about the location of the ppv which is New York

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I like where they are going with these new ppvs like Redemption and Zero Fear but they need to drop the One Night Only aspect of it as it just makes it feel like they just take a regular IMPACT episode and come up with a random name to call it instead of really making it a standalone annual ppv and making it mean something

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Didn't know the Right To Censor were in charge of Saudi Arabia lol

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That's exactly what the problem is, the reason JR and King were so good is because they weren't ever or were very rarely fed lines, and did their homework on the talents and matches so they new what they were talking about, nowadays its made so ridiculously simple for them because they are fed lines and that makes it harder for the announcers to be able to truly connect with the job they are doing

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The altercation between Lesnar and Vince/Shane sounds like a work as it would have been on camera otherwise, but then again this is the company that had Braun Strowman win the raw tag team titles with a 10 year old kid so who the hell knows at this point

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Ok so I woke up this morning and tried to rationalize what I saw last night......and I'm still completely baffled, the following things just DO NOT make any sense however you look at it:

1. Jinder winning the US title - who cares about Jinder?
2. Although Nia Jax won, they had Alexa get far too much offense in when it should have been a more dominant win for Nia (which makes sense with the storyline of Nia being humiliated by Bliss)
3. Seth doesn't need the IC title as much as Balor (who at this point is completely irrelevant which is sad)
4. Should have been American Badass Taker - Taker retired the dead man gimmick last year and Cena's promos in the lead up to the match have been aimed more at Mark Calloway the person rather than undertaker the gimmick, would have made sense for the gimmick that is closest to Mark Calloway as a person to have answered Cena's challenge (the quick match then would have made more sense given the physicality of the American Badass gimmick)
5. Why a random kid in the crowd.....just WHY?
6. Finally, the overall order of the matches was baffling, why not do the Braun match first and then it would have just been a fun start to the show, Bliss v Jax should also have been earlier on the card with a Jax squash win, Brock/Reigns should have never closed the show because although everybody expected a Reigns win nobody really cares either way, if they didn't want the show to end on Shinsuke turning heel then why didn't they just turn him on Smackown?.

The parts I did like was the Wyatt/Hardy moment (was unexpected), the Bludgeon Brothers winning the tag titles (Harper And Rowan really need a good run), the Rousey match was surprisingly very good and DB getting back in the ring is genuinely an awesome thing to see, I didn't even mind Auska losing because having her knocked down from her streak ending to building her up to win the title makes sense (an undefeated wrestler winning a championship is just pointless and easy booking sometimes)

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Ambrose definitely deserves the title but I can see them giving it to reigns first and then set up a rivalry between him and Ambrose

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Solid start and they need to build on that

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I'm a big TNA fan and I like the idea of these special impact shows but they really could do with being 3 hour shows for these specials and the 2 hours for a normal impact show (actually about 1 hour 20 minutes with all the damn ad breaks)