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God, this was lulzy, indeed. And I mean Encyclopedia Dramatica lulzy.

I'm a bodybuilder. I weigh in at 220+ lbs. I'm a big guy and those airlines certainly do discriminate when they have larger passengers! I don't fly routinely but it is interesting to see that every time I DO fly that I end up having to pay extra for a seat I really don't use.

I feel bad when there are people of size who have to contend with not-so-polite individuals during flights. It can be embarassing and tense when you have your average slimy businessman with his own agenda telling a rather nice-looking lady to "park it somewhere else". And then proceed to complain about it to his friend quite audibly on his overpriced cell phone.

I come from DEEP South Texas (land of large!)--lots of big people here who still manage to be polite and make room for each other when they do sit down on planes, whether they are Hispanic or White. I think the airlines know a problem when they see it, but are doing nothing about it. Apparently they view everyone who flies on their airplanes cookie cutter thin, somewhat college educated, pale, and Mac-owning.

Also that picture of that unfortunate gentleman was put up in bad taste. You should change it or have it removed.

Keep up your Twitter posts! I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in startups (Austinites), but I do like your blog!