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This is just sad and pathetic. People act like complete i diots anymore!

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ok that's just hilarious! haha!!

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It's not like you have a he art at tack and walk around. It happens very suddenly. About 6 years ago my neighbor di ed in his back yard from a he art at tack and was there for about 6 hours before anyone found him! 2 years ago my mom was at work, she went upstairs and her boss went up about 20 minutes later to see what was taking her so long only to find her on the floor de ad. She had a mas sive heart att ack and pas sed away instantly! It happens all the time!

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One more thing, go back to your cave GRINCH!

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Here's an idea for you, how about not judging someone unless you know them. There are so many people out there doing absolutely everything they can. I am a single mom with 2 children and I work my butt off to provide for them while their worthless father pays nothing. I work at a low paying job because that is the only one I could find right now while a lot of others don't work at all. This mother may work her butt off too and is just getting help for the holidays. At least she isn't some cra ckhead collecting welfare and teaching her children to do the same!! Happy Holidays to everyone and I hope EVERYONE that deserves it gets a chance to have a nice Christmas and I pat those people on the back for helping others in a time like this when our country is struggling for work and I also support the hard working people out there who reach out and in turn teach their children to help others!!!

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It was a win nonetheless true, but they won only because Indiana couldn't hold the ball. We won through their mistake and got lucky! I thought it was over for us for sure! They need to use this game as an example of how NOT to play! GO HAWKS!!!

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This is heartbreaking, my condolences to the family and friends as well :(

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18-25 old dark clothing?? That definitely narrows it down! I really hate the lack of descriptions they give in these cases no wonder so many people never get busted.

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wow, with a statement like that I would like someone to concentrate on you being a maniac! One of my best friend's dad is a semi driver and he provides and is gone for long periods of time to care for his family. I know a few drivers and they are hard working individuals and great people unlike so many other people who do nothing but sit around and point fingers at others and make irrational judgments like yourself in the world.

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I just posted that, didn't realize someone was already reminding people that we'll all be wiped out beforehand so they can stop freaking out already!