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I don't know if it was due to a lot of makeup, but I have to say that The Undertaker and especially Shawn Michaels looked very good last Monday. Nice to be able to see their segment without thinking "man do these guys look old"

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I like that idea a lot. With her legit MMA background she will be seen as a female Brock Lesnar instead of looking weak because she has Paul.

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My problem with this event is they went into the realm of extreme sillyness with the Joey Ryan stuff. IMO you can't be dead serious (even drawing blood) in one match and then throw away all reason and logic in the next. That's like having a girlfriend who wants to be in a monogamous relationship one minute and in an open relationship the next, and switch back and forth as she pleases. If you take me into the realm of extreme sillyness as a fan, I'm staying there. I won't be taking anything seriously, and will fully be expecting the PPV to end with Cody waking up in his bed revealing that the entire show was just a dream (including his NWA title win).

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Carmella doesn't fit if you're going for the "Paul has the brains, client has the brawn" thing. But I think it's a bit one-dimensional and limiting to think that every client relation Paul has needs to have that setup. My idea was to instead have someone be on his level and perhaps even outdo him when it comes to the brains and manipulating people... even manipulating Paul himself. If you look at what Carmella did during the three way match you'll see that it's already a direction they're going with her.

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Look, the guy with "88" in his name is giving me the face palm over something I wrote.

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You've got every right to dislike my idea... but that's also all you're doing. Do you have a better suggestion for booking a Heyman girl storyline? Like I said (and you may not agree), it can be a tricky thing to book, for the reason I already mentioned. At least my idea circumvents that.

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I think that's exactly what would make it entertaining... it would give Carmella a direction too. I have a feeling she'll get lost now that she's without the title. Also, neither Ellsworth or Heyman was or would be disgracing themselves... they are both playing a character.

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This whole idea of a Paul Heyman girl needs to be booked very carefully, because with the Women's Revolution going it's not a good thing if it looks like a woman needs a man to succeed. I think it needs to be a situation where the woman he's put with is really using him. Here's an idea: put him with Carmella and make her his dominatrix, but keep it subtle enough that it's still PG. Basically the same setup she had with Ellsworth. Paul will then use his whole bag of tricks on her opponents in an effort to please her. I can just picture Carmella having Heyman in a dog collar... I would trust them both to make that entertaining.

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Actually no, because the fans booing him forced WWE to soften up on his Superman push. If he had the crowd behind him he would have beaten Lesnar at WrestleMania the first time they fought (when Seth cashed in). They really wanted to make him the guy, but because of the fans they couldn't do it the way they wanted and still can't. They had to depush and derail him many times before daring to make him champ, and he more than likely won't wear out his non-existant welcome. In the same way, if you keep cheering Becky, they will not be able to make her the top heel, assuming that's what they want.

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If you like Becky Lynch and want to help her career, then you should boo her, not cheer her. She is a heel and it's her job to make people boo her. If you cheer her now, it makes her look bad.