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Volusia county has always had bad schools, they used to scare and terrorize parents to drug their kids, and covertly still do.

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Obama and Valerie Jarrett along with George Soros and Muslim Brotherhood all in the WH, want no more of this Government or Congress they want it disband so this can be 100% Communist Islamic country. You are blind if you don't see it.

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Since all Windows (Gates product) has a back way into it, wish someone could create a whole new soft ware that can't be spied on.

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Chicago use to be very corrupted with the Judges there. I don't know how it is today, but anyone could buy their way out of trouble by paying off the Judge.

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Can the Muslims talk about Islam?

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The biggest difference I see is they were ion psychotropic drugs and you never said you were.

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I was lucky with my daughter, I told her that if this is an activity she finds that she wanted to engage in, that she better be mature enough to handle the emotions connected with sex. And that stuck with her all through school until college. But she got married in her twenties and had her first child in her middle twenties. I fell that some sex education can be done with hygiene classes. But must think about the more sex is thrown in your face, then the more it will be on your mind!

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It was also psychotropic drugs, this guys toxically report is being sealed on Obama's request, so he can use this to ban guns.

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Ok numb I see your point and it is a very good one. So in my case I am best to buy what is good for me, like low sodium and I do go for the fresh foods first. And I use kelp with iodine for the use of salt. I know it is hard sometimes to be able to afford fresh foods and they way this country is going I do need to stock pile food. So I wonder like for a can of green beans if I can rinse them and change the liquid in them might be the best way for me. But thank you for giving me some data.

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In 1992 I was going to college to get my degree and one day a speaker came that we didnt know was coming and he started talking crap as far as I was concerned. It was about how we as a people were nothing and had to belong to a higher cause of belonging to the masses. I got up and just walked out, I was half way down the hall and heard voices behind me. I stopped and looked around and to my surpprise the whole class followed me out of the class, they left too. This garbage has to stop but as long as there is the NEA and federal education dept it will just get worse.