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Facts are facts and the world needs to know as to the premeditated murder committed by the Israeli racist state at the behest of its psychopathic leadership. What's even worse is the complicity by Johnson, McNamara and other officials in covering up this crime. Today our spineless politicians are too cowardly to call a spade a spade and would rather pass legislation making any criticism of the apartheid Israeli state equal to anti-semitism and therefore a crime punishable by fines or imprisonment. If that is not an attack on our first amendment rights I don't know what is? Thank you Philip Geraldi for sharing with us this dynamite article and thank you Tom for having the moral fortitude to place it on the ICH website.

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Where's the evidence for such allegations. Show me the web sites and sources from which you base your allegations so we can find out who is funding the sources being cited. We all know daddy boy Trump is bending over backwards to blame China for his own inadequacies and the anti Trump corporate media is falling inline right behind him along with the Democratic Party in orchestrating a propaganda smear campaign against a nation that gave the US plenty of time to better prepare for the pandemic. Trump still doesn't take the Covid-19 seriously. Whose fault is that, China's? Maybe we should listen to your buddy and try the herd immunity approach. When deaths sky rocket because of US misleadership then we can blame China for that too.

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Finian Cunningham like always brings up some very valid points. On the positive side of this crisis it is heartening to see heroes such as Amazon worker Chris Smalls expose the abuses in a Staten Island Amazon warehouse. He spearheaded a work stoppage after management failed to notify the workforce regarding the number of infected Corona Virus employees and the inadequate provision of sanitizing and protective gear for his coworkers. For this he was fired on some flimsy excuse that he had violated the company's social distancing protocol. We all know that Jeff Bezos and the rest of the corporate elite could care less about the well being of workers. For them it's all about the bottom line and if worker's lives are sacrificed at the alter of maximum profits so that Jeff Bezos can wine and dine in his newly purchased 125 million dollar California mansion, so be it. Oh well, when things go bad by the greedy practices of our corporate elite in complicity with government leaders they can always blame it on foreign intrigue and scapegoat the Russians and Chinese for our economic/social problems.

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Great job by Philip Geraldi who has never been afraid to speak truth to power. The Zionist apartheid state of Israel has with the aide of American Jews and other collaborators penetrated every facet of federal, state and local governments. The same can be said of educational and media institutions.

This is analogous of a parasite that has entered the host and has rendered it unable to act on behalf of it's own interest. Instead the host has been reprogrammed to act on behalf of the invading parasite even to the point of it's own demise. The question arises then; is it too late late to save the host from itself? Is the rot so advanced as to prompt one to see its end as the only solution for the betterment of mankind? All empires reach an end and it would be better to see this one implode quietly rather than to see its insecure leadership lead us into a catastrophic war for the apartheid racist state of Israel.

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Such a charge by the US rogue empire is laughable. The US government leadership for the last 40 years have acted as international mobsters. These war criminals are the ones who should be charged, indicted and convicted for crimes against humanity.

Why doesn't the corrupt US Attorney of NY Jeffrey M. Berman and US District Attorney Williams Barr put a price on the head of Juan Orlando Hernandez of Honduras? His brother was convicted in NYC for smuggling cocaine into the United States and there were key witnesses that testified to the Honduran president's connection to drug cartels including Mexico's el Chapo. Of course if you happen to be a servile puppet of your US imperial master than your boss will conveniently look the other way regarding your illicit drug business.

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One shouldn't be surprised as to how corrupt, arbitrary and undemocratic the "Democratic" Party is; It changed the rules to allow Mike Bloomberg to participate in the primary debates and then changed them again to keep Tulsi Gabbard out. The DNC with the aide of its corporate media cohorts rallied around an establishment candidate with early signs of dementia and a voting record in line with Republicans. There is no doubt that the DNC leadership prefer 4 more years of Trump to the "threat" of a Bernie Sanders win.

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The US empire, Israel and its Western European vassals have always had the tendency to project on to others the sins they themselves have committed. The majority of the world see right through this self righteous sanctimonious hypocrisy when the Western powers feign concern for the terrorists of Idlib. It's not Syria, Russia Iran or Hezbollah that are the destabilizing equation in the region but rather it's the US empire, Israel, the Arab Gulf States and NATO that have caused havoc and misery in the Middle East. Don't expect the Western/Zionist sociopathic leadership or their corporate media parrots to own upto their criminal behavior however when it's so much easier to deflect your wrong doings to others.

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The UN has to do more than simply put out a list of transnational companies that collaborate with the apartheid Zionist state. Sanctions need to be implemented against Israel and every entity doing business with it. Of course that won't happen because the UN leadership has been so seriously compromised by the US/Zionist entity and their Western European vassals that the best they can do is to invoke a meek protest.

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Amy Goodman is a closet Zionist. She gives audience and voice to the anti Assad regime changers and credence to the Western version propagandistic view that the Syrian government used chemical weapons in Douma. She also supports the Russo phobic narrative that Russia interfered in the US 2016 elections and hacked the Clinton/DNC emails. Democracy Now has become no different than any NPR government propagandistic liberal news site.

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This logic sounds bizarre if not just downright defeatism. If you want Bernie to lose support the fake Buttigieg or the oligarch Bloomberg or the unhinged Republican psychopath Trump but don't try to rationalize that a Bernie loss would have a galvanizing effect on his young supporters. Why wait for tomorrow when there is hope for a Bernie win in 2020?