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Although I didn't go so far as to think he might be a closeted conservative I thought he might at least have the brains to not open his mouth and insult a large percentage of the movie going public. As long as he was willing to do that I was willing to watch his movies. Sorry Steve but you just lost my money. And probably more than mine.

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Aaaahhh yes. Kal Penn and Eva Longoria. Two of the great political thinkers/strategists of our time.

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Can't wait to see this! I hope. I live on the peninsula of the San Francisco Bay area and lord know that films that celebrate self reliance and perseverance of the individual aren't exactly embraced here but I am still every hopeful!

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I am so ridiculously excited about this I can hardly stand it! I love the Wizard of Oz and hope this is even a little bit as wonderful!

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Thanks so much for the info!! Will go check it out and will hopefully cancel our subscription by the end of the week. GO FREE ENTERPRISE!!!!! :-D

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I agree. We have DirecTV for one reason and that is the NFL ticket. We live in CA but our team is the Denver Broncos, so in order to watch them play we must subscribe. If not for that we would cancel immediately.

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"he was always going to be a two-term election in that sense. "

Not if I can do anything about it Scarlett.

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I am not now nor have I ever been a big Madonna fan. But I have to say I enjoyed the halftime show more than I have in years. It was just fun. I do wonder if she was lip synching because it sounded so perfect. If not, then my hat is off to her. All of that being said, she had to ruin it all by the World Peace thingy at the the end. Really? Being in favor of world peace is like being in favor of puppies. Who isn't? The difference is that some of us realize that you can't all stand in a circle, sing Kum Ba Ya and instantly achieve it.

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I have to disagree. I will admit to being concerned as well when I heard the director's comments regarding Captain America's patriotism but after seeing the movie it seemed as though my concerns were for naught. I thought it was a well done movie including the "scrawny to brawny" special effects. It was entertaining.
I think if you were to say you didn't enjoy it that would be acceptable. After all, different tastes. But to say it was poorly done just doesn't seem to be an accurate analysis.
I do agree that replacing Edward Norton is a crying shame but will refrain from a final judgement until I see the finished product.
As for Joss Whedon directing the Avengers, I have to admit that I am almost fangirly excited. I have loved almost everything he has ever been involved in and think he is incredibly creative and talented. Politics notwhithstanding. :-)