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If you can still find this, it's so beautiful irl. Found a random return in my size and fell in love with the embroidered details on it. I also am tire of the off-shoulder trend but this was too pretty to pass up and I love the fact that you can wear it as a regular non-off-shoulder top.

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I got a petite in this jacket after trying on a regular size in store. Same problem with the sleeves. Sing too long. The petite fits better and the sleeve length is perfect.

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I was able to do a charge-send using my credit card again! The SA told me with the recent upgrade of their system, they're able to manually input credit card # again. I was so happy since the store that carried the dress I was looking for is 3hrs away from me!

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Hi Erin! Nice to see your comment here again. Being almost same size, I love reading your Anthro reviews and have always found them super helpful. I'm just curious where else are you shopping now as I'm considering venturing out of Anthro. 😊

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Even a ship to a store close to you would be a nice option. You can still come in personally to pay for the item you were looking for that's out of stock at your store.

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Anybody else having luck with charge-sends? I had 2 stores refused to do charge-sends for an item I was looking for. Last store I talked to said the only way they can process it is as an online order if it's showing available in their inventory, they can do a mobile order and fulfill it there since they have the item. If it's an item that's no longer showing as available in their inventory although the store physically have it, you have to go in-store to make the actual purchase since they need your physical credit card to pay. I was told that the current register system they have does not allow them to put in credit card info. It's frustrating since that store is 3hrs away from me. I really hope they fix this or maybe offer a delivery from one store to another where we can pick up items we're looking to purchase.

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The manager at my local store told me that they are unable to do charge-sends anymore due to the new system that Anthro converted to. She told me that with the new system, they need the physical card to be swiped to do the transaction. She says they're also unable to do PAs over the phone due to this change.
I remember reading about this in a previous thread but has this been confirmed with corporate? Just wondering how accurate the information I got.

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I'm selling mostly on Poshmark, pls check out my closet. You can email me at for actual Price with shipping as PM prices have added fees.

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Roxy did you ever find this?
Sent you an email if you're still looking.