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fyi I stand with America.

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This month, Andrew Adler openly speculated in the Atlanta Jewish Times that the Mossad might "hit" Obama if he doesn't play ball with Israel. Maybe that's one reason why Obama now tries to win Jewish hearts and minds.

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The Commentary Magazine crowd has devoured the Reagan coalition. Along the way the "conservative" Washington Times fired Sam Francis, the National Review fired Joe Sobran (at the urging of Norman Podhoretz), Bill Kristol himself read Pat Buchanan out of the GOP and now wants to do the same to Ron Paul. The neocon takeover is complete and the only real policy objective of the GOP is to make sure that America remains Israel's 'ho.

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The whole story sounds fake to me. Maybe Obama hopes to win back the support of the Israel lobby by taking out Iranian nuclear facilities and this "plot" is his Gulf of Tonkin. I'm old enough to have seen this movie before. Now let the dogs howl.

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Ramzpaul provides better commentary on the news than anyone on the cable networks--including FOX. I watch him regularly.