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I voted remain - and make no apology.

However a reclaiming of fisheries as per normal inteR national law is definitely the silver lining of Brexit.

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What about abolishing the "Office of Gas and Electricity Markets" and chaneling the savings into actual energy infrastructure to provide cheap and reliable energy for UK industry and consumer.

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I personally voted remain - no apologies.

However a total reclaiming of exclusive economic zones as per international law with regards to fisheries would be a definite silver lining of Brexit.

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I guess the compromise is a reinstatement of the Dumfries - Steanraer line and upgrading of existing lines around Stranraer.

An expansion of Belfast and mainland Airpirts would also help.

The outcome would be a boost to internal UK trade and interchange.

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It would be a rail fixed link. Therefore roads will not be an issue. Not just passenger but freight trains would also benefit. And let's not forget the ports of Northern Ireland are on doorstep of North Atlantic and great circle route.

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The free ports concept is an excellent idea in context of employment and global connections.

Also infrastructure is important to offset Brexit.

Expansion of almost all UK major airports should be on table - not just Heathrow.

We also need a North Chanel fixed link to interconnect our United Kingdom. Such a venture will offset Northern Ireland against a hard border and build a stronger and more dynamic UK domestic market.

Brexit will work if it is the "cold shower" to galvanise the UK economy into much needed changes -and fast.

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Thanks for raising the urgency of this situation John. This all feeds into case for a north channel fixed link whether tunnel or bridge to create a much more united United Kingdom in UK internal market, social and political terms.

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So you saying no government would consider linking up our own country - our own United Kingdom.

A Stranraer Larne fixed link has been toyed with since reign of Queen Victoria. It's a logical development upon the oil pipeline done by the Major government.

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A reinstatement of complete voting rights for scots MPs at Westminster will have a soothing effect in light of the divisive Brexit votes. And will help bring much needed coherence for a strong post Brexit United Kingdom.

Using the unique resources of the United Kingdom for capital projects like improved north south rail links, reopening the Carlisle Edinburgh line, an Irish Sea tunnel and expansion of major UK Airpirts will help to make the UK Brexit fit

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I voted remain. However given the Brexit there is a lot to be said for a customs union with Canada and Austrlia. We are western democracies with mature economies and Westminster systems - and our respective heads of state look rather similar.