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We need to take a latterdayversion of Macmillan namely a massive increase in the social housing sector.

The Conservatives have the traditional trust of the markets and thus money invested is likely to go further.

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Security is very much within the UK DNA.

The best Brexit agreement would be magnanimous Brexit terms for the UK in return for appreciably larger UK military spending to 4% plus and bigger deployments of HM Forces to contentedly Europe.

A win - win outcome.

And somebody told me today that fellow Europeans would much rather have HM Forces in their neighboured than US Forces.

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John. This reminds me. Switzerland prides herself on her neutrality. However there is a case based upon pure geography and sheer Commonsense to allow Switzerland to join the Euro without joining EU. Such an arrangement woukd be of benefit to both EU and Swiss citizens. The convenience of such an arrangement could be potential popular.

Any thoughts on such a creative solution John


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Many catholics also support the UK. The “UK ideal”is most emphatically not sectarian.

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with regards to the Irish border it makes sense to have a few Belfast fixed link to fully interconnect the the United Kingdom. More internal UK trade and more freight going through Belfast port would be the winner.

A Belfast fixed link would make for a more cohesive United Kingdom politically, commercially and socially.

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John Stevens makes good points about the Euro and the City.

I guess a post - Brexit United Kingdom could join Euro without being in the EU. Just a though.

But to make a wider point the win win Brexit agreement is for the EU to give good terms to UK in return for much higher UK defence spending and deployments of HM Forces to continental Europe

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The best Tory approach is pro market combined with being proactive on UK wide infrastructure. Full employment should be objective.

-supportive of home ownership but also expanding on social housing like Macmillan in 1950s

-Supportive of evolving institutions like the Crown, Crown services parliament, the Union of the UK, NHS, Post Office.

-outward looking foreign policy - strong on defence.

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I voted remain - and make no apology.

However a reclaiming of fisheries as per normal inteR national law is definitely the silver lining of Brexit.

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What about abolishing the "Office of Gas and Electricity Markets" and chaneling the savings into actual energy infrastructure to provide cheap and reliable energy for UK industry and consumer.

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I personally voted remain - no apologies.

However a total reclaiming of exclusive economic zones as per international law with regards to fisheries would be a definite silver lining of Brexit.