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Churchill was President of the Early Classing Assocustion a body committed to saner and more humane retail hours.

And this reminds EDM 1036 has called for retail closure across the UK for Remembrance Sunday for November 11 2018 via a piece of simple legislation. It’s a shame Parliament hasn’t acted upon it. But you never know a last minute twitch of conscience....

Churchill was a trade unionist as he was member of Brick layers union.

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Abolishing EVEL will be a constructive move in the light of this divisive and difficult Brexit process.

In fact EVEL never made pragmatic sense.

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Thanks for letting me know.

Yes will certainly shorten the transatlantic times. And at Belfast port will be rail links.

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I certainly agree would have to be rail. But gauge no problem as would be a self contained link with all its infrastructure including stations and link to Belfast port.

A fixed link would also necessitate a reinstatement of the Dumfries-Stranraer line in some shape or form.

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Good for Commonwealth relations potentially. I say this as a remain voter.

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It is high time to build a fixed link between Belfast and Galloway to build a more integrated United Kingdom and more vibrant UK domestic market. In fact Belfast port would do well through a fixed link as diagonally opposite there is London - and continental Europe via Channel Tunnel.

We are the Conservative & Unionist Party. We must not only defend the Union but to take practical steps to develop it further.

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This entryism is most vindictive and most unconservative. Instead they should take a European city break, go to beach or go nightclubbing...

Edmund Burke said members are representatives not delegates. And I say this someone who voted remain, although accepts the result.
Let’s take the example of Labour MP Kate Hoey. The campaign to deselect her ignores the fact that her general election vote went up. She drew votes for just being who she is - a good representative. An MP who can command such support across party lines is to be applauded.

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Their German caution about E-Commerce is good and could even be a factor in their success. Good timeless conventional skills like customer service are prized over this online thing.

And go into a German workplace there is less chance of staff being distracted by their Facebook and their Netflix.

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The trident nuclear deterrent and all military pensions should be funded from centrally by HM Treasury. That way the defence budget can go further on the cross - spectrum of HM Forces.

There are also political attractions from the Conservative Government viewpoint. Much of the “industrial - military complex” is in areas of the United Kingdom where jobs are hard to find.

The perfect one nation policy.

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The SNP policy of withdrawing trident will he very bad for jobs in Scotland as there has been expansion of faslane and of course the feeder industries.

The Conservative & Unionist party will gain more vote in Scotland and UK in general by being very defence conscious to include the funding of trident by central funds on top of defence budget - coupled with a left of centre slanted economic policy. A win - win in electoral terms. And Disraeli would approve.