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The Iraqi Central Bank, truly an institutional cipher, placeholder, in the pipedream of Empire. " money had been stolen from the bank..." Indeed.

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I get the feeling whole Helen Thomas affair was a PR maneuver to deflect guilt (Israeli government lawlessness vs. antisemitism -- which as we all know is right up there with child molestation) When exactly, forgive my ignorance, did she make the comments? The cynic in me suspects that the tapes were made weeks ago and released at an opportune moment.

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The taboo that surrounds *the Holocaust* is the deep connection of violence to the sacred. Religious devotion shores up political power. Thomas is the scapegoat per Exodus, set out to pasture. Israel's real name is Dionysus.

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As a libertarian who rarely votes, I see Rand's turnaround as kowtowing to "the powers that be" -- which to my thinking is not so much a nefarious neocon cabal as it is the the Ghost of Edward L. Bernays on steroids-- the American form of government.
As for the the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Rand could have pointed out that the Federal Gunverment missed an opportunity to *lead by example* by requiring that all recipients of Federal contracts not discriminate on the basis of race, without intruding on the rights of individual property owners.

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A recurring theme for Neocons like Krauhammer is the need, for the lack of a better term, to create an "American God" that will somehow give the banalities and absurdities of our increasingly arbitrary way of life "meaning." "Sacrifice" in war is a good in and of itself; NASA is mythology in the form of a government program.