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Am I alone with this sentiment?

I use Netflix streaming but I still prefer the dvd for picture and sound quality. Also the selection is much better on the DVD side - I keep finding movies here on BH that I queue up in Netflix. I am also happy with Direct TV - much better than cable

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I just keep watching this and watching this and watching this in the hopes that someday I’ll like it.

This movie is why the fast forward button was invented.

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I got nothin

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No worries - I can wait 3 months for anything new that comes from Hollywood and still feel no pain.

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What an awesome book - many thanks.

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I can't stand anyone who paints his portrait and gives them as a gift (Weber) but his performance in this mini series is spot on. It is one of Kings best book to screen creations.

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That is a terrible insult to Jabba

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Sarandon will surely feel the brunt of these comments at her next box office appearance. Does she still do those? The last thing that comes to mind is that Thelma thing which I never saw. Loved your book! Write more.

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This is one of those "you can't make this stuff up" - what idiot wants to fork out 30 bucks to watch a movie on TV - gee is it for the great sound and larger than life experience? On your TV? Do the theature chains actually fear this?

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It was about the third or fourth season when I dropped it - several members of the cast stating that they are 911 Truthers was the straw.