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Don't cry to me about how unfair people treat Bush or Cheney. They deserve it.

They haven't even BEGUN to get what they deserve. Will we ever investigate and file charges? Probably not. Maybe the Euros will do our dirty work for us. I heard some Spanish prosecuter is in the midst of preparing a case against Gonzalez, Addington, Yoo and some others.

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well that was a fucked up link attempt! Maybe DB can fix it for me. Otherwise, just copy and paste this into your browser.

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Kinggame - I had to go back and read my comment to see if it was me. I'm assuming not.

Would you attack Jews, Muslims, Christians or atheists for a belief system?

I DO, however, attack religion all the time. Atheism is not a "belief system". It is a rejection of such. I think there are no gods. Period. That said, I don't attack anyone who says, "I believe there are gods (or A god)". I DO attack dogmas that associated with such a belief (not everyone has one). <a href="
">THIS will explain much better than I could in a simple comment - why.

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I tend to think that Dawkins and Harris vocal approach has resulted in a boon for both skepticism and atheism.

I happen to like Shermer a lot. I like Dawkins as well. What I think has been a boon is the very fact that many people are openly discussing non-belief in public forums now. Prior to just a decade ago, you didn't hear it much. But I have to say that it is Dawkins and Hitchens that are really moving the debate. They (and others like them) force the debate to happen, then the rest of us can come in at whatever level of vociferousness we choose - that which feels right and works best in our lives. I'm probably somewhere between Shermer and Dawkins. I think it's a good idea in all matters short of life and death, to keep an open dialogue going. Then again, if the person or people you are addressing are buffoons, treating them as such can have great results!

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It's almost certainly "Gideon". To see what a piece of work this guy is, see him in my last few posts' comments and check him out at Philly's place and He's a homophobic, misogynistic, ignorant theist. The worst of the worst. Sorry if I led him here.

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I don't know if "pay per view" is going to work either. People are just too accustomed to free content. The only solution I can see is ad revenue. The problem with that is that volume of readers will be rewarded, and top-notch material like you'd find at Skeptic Mag, Discovery, Cosmos, etc. doesn't drive traffic. I guess if they make the pay-per-view very low cost (per article) and make it easy and safe to get billed (something like PayPal) then maybe they can supplement their ad revenues that way. I don't know. The next 5 to 10 years is going to be very interesting for the publishing industry. Only books look safe to me right now.

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I used to subscribe but, like with all magazines, I seldom got my money's worth. Magazines were something of great value in waiting rooms, prior to laptops and multi-function cell phones. The internet really has punched published media in the guts.

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Our subjective sense tells us nothing ever changes much - Unless we do little cognitive tricks like comparing today's reaction to what we remember from decades past. When I was 10, not a single black child attended my school. Homosexuality was not talked about other than in whispers and cruel jokes. The phrase "my boss says SHE is going out of town..." would have had no meaning. Things change. The problem is - they don't change uniformly for the better.

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Anti-religious sentiment is on the rise. Just Google "Texas Atheist" or "Alabama Atheist" and ask yourself... would there have been anything like that as recently as the 1970s?

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When I saw the title of your post, I was going to suggest you produce a movie - about you producing a movie. I was thinking a kung fu porno with Australian right wing politicians as the evil guys, trying to prevent release of the movie. Kind of a movie within a movie.

Maybe some of the 105 ideas will be helpful....