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Can't they do something similar to the Blender logo trademarks policy for button mash to continue?

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They could always make a 2d Episodic Adventure game with Visual Novel Elements. With stuff like from Explore Ponyville

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The comics are not exactly kid friendly.

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Besides King Mo non of these wrestlers can be released because of the aces of 8 storyline. Also why release Rob Terry with the release of Matt Morgan and Crimson TNA doesn't have much muscular agile wrestlers left. Jumping Spinning Kicks plus Rob Terry is entertaining remember the bro-off. Also Chavo is important because you need Mexicans for the Latino audience plus if they remove chavo it would result in the burial of Super Mex Hernadez. Any one remember Anarquia from Mexican America.

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This look much better than equestria girls
It actually catches the style of the show, has nice art style and follows the characters personality.
The story is also better.

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If it is successful they might make more and make it canon.
That would probably be very bad.

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I could go on and on about how much Canterlot wedding and Magical Mystery cure Sucked. (Stop hating on new ideas and let the writers do their thing! ) Seriously? If we feel something sucks then we have a right to say it sucks. Ass Kissers don't help any one.

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We have freedom of opinion if I was not a fan of MLP I would have bashed this spinoff even before watching the trailer.

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It lacked built. I don't think it should have been done for at least 53 more mane 6 centered episodes.
Twilight still didn't have any practice as a princess while she did go to some meeting or something in that book about sea ponies with the G3 designs it didn't happen so in the episodes. They should have had episodes of Twilight being asked by Princess Celestia to go to meetings to solve problems like an episode in which the Griffon Kingdom is say refusing to provide something to Equestria like say some rare gems and Twilight has to solve the conflict.
Infact in season 3 Twilight looked like punching bag of Princess Celestia. Entertain guests in Magic Duel, Convince the games inspector to host the pony games in Crystal Palace shouldn't that be Cadence job then again for some reason they made Twilight in charge of the wedding in season 2 Why?
Plus if I am right Lauren Wanted Twilight to be Princess Celestia's Successor. Also there was the plan for the mane 6 to start to separate as time went on. Wouldn't it be awesome if for Twilight to become an Alicorn and be Celestia's Successor the mane 6 would have to unite one last time with everyone not just equestria but the whole world like Griffin Kingdom to fight an evil organization or stable(if you watch professional wrestling) with all the Villians Discord,Trixie,Queen Chrysalis etc. An example of an evil stable would be the Aces of 8 in TNA.
That would be Epic.

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1.Twilight being an Alicorn being just a dream.
2. Arc Style Stories
3. TV Y-7
4 . More stallions and screen time for Stallions especially Big Mac.

1. CMC
2. Executive Tinkering.
3. Candence
4. No more Derpy
5. Face/Heel Turns