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Agreed. I think the numbers of this movement and others will only increase as people develop the political acuity that is necessary to exercise their right to participate in government. The current administration is going to go the distance to discredit people that oppose their policies, they are proving that. How ignorant do they think the American people are when they claim the President was not aware of these events on Apr. 15? I read that as simply a lie, and proves that the promised change in government offered by Pres. Obama is also a lie. The current administration is only continuing the deception and lust for power that has been the focus of all the administrations of both parties for over 100 years.

"I am not a crook"
"I did not have sex with that women"
"There are weapons of mass destruction"
"I will not impose new taxes"
Hmmmm........... I saw through it then, I still see through it. Virtue!

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Isn't it ironic that we cannot call people who commit violent acts against innocent lawful people terrorists, however we can call innocent lawful people exercising freedom terrorists? Is it just me...?

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No they are merely attempting to gain political leverage by discrediting the simple people concerned with the course of government. If they can portray the Tea Parties as radical anti establishment and political rallies bent on violence, hate and revolution they can employ the one tool that is essential to controlling the masses: Fear. Unfortunately, too many Americans buy into the rhetoric and bias of the agendized media that is so editorialized it no longer reports facts; only opinionated distortions that serve to polarize the people. Those good Americans who still take the world of their elected officials as truth are only condemning themselves to a mechanism of government that has grown more indifferent to its people since the end of the Civil War. We have seen how they treat honest and concerned Americans that practiced their Constitutional rights to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly. Vicious provocative attacks, insults and mindless mockery. Government officials insulting the people they are sworn to serve... How can we be expected to entrust them when they treat us so poorly simply because we disagree?

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Shay's Rebellion 1786. Though the Western Mass. uprising was suppressed, some of the Mass. militia had joined the ranks of dissenters in their protest against perceived unjust taxation and foreclosure. They caused a big ruckus and essentially shut down gov. in the region. Consequently, many of Shay's sympathizers were elected to the Mass. legislature by supporters and passed the debtor relief legislation that was originally desired. Noah webster originally denouncing this rebellion reconsidered, stating, "I frankly confess, that the result of my inquiries is, a decided opinion that the people are right."

Virginia experienced over a 150 protest that same year where the people in concert resisted the foreclosure of lands by officials. In the period immediately before the ratification debates, people protesting the perceived ills of government were a common occurrence.

History books are on loan free from your local public library. I recommend starting with Woody Holton's Unruly Americans and the Origins of the Constitution.

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I believe they can have weapons on board under international law, but of course there is the volumes of bureaucratic nonsense it their deployment. They have to wait until boarded and attacked to fire back. Also their is the liability issues of entering foreign nations with arms on board and then dealing with that county's customs policies. Apparently this is a very lengthy process and delays the quick turn around of loading up and leaving port. But, again this is what I have heard the "experts" report on the news.

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You move on... You don't get over it.

Hey, Gunny I thought Marines never got old?

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True. It is a shame that more time and thought went into selecting the proper Presidential dog to represent his image than went into the irresponsible and destrutive budget he whipped out. I hope the Obama plan for America does not ruin the carpet!

Well now that he has a dog CNN will have something to report. Cause Americans across the nation coming together to voice their grievances at the Teaparties apparently isn't news worthy.

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We cannot do that! We would hurt their feelings. Insult the good law abiding people of the great industrious nation of Somalia? What's the matter with you guys! This is a great opportunity for the Somali "boating and shooting enthusiasts" (as they should rightfully be called) and Capt. Phillips to come together. It gives them time to reflect on the issues. Embrace each other in this time of change and hope. Find a common understanding. The Obama way. Just look at this situation as a kind of peace summit, oh, the opportunities!
This is also away for the US to invest 2 million in the the Somali Stimulus Plan. You guys lack so much vision.

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His whole administration is based on the policy of deflecting blame to others. Pres. Bush had his blunders and made his fair share of mistakes. But, I am glad he was my President on September 11, 2001 he provided unity to help heal the grievous injury we as a people experienced on that dark day. He proved that America is strong and that it will act against the forces that bring harm to the innocent and threaten freedom. If other nations failed to response he at least made a decision to go it alone and fight back. Bush had the unwavering support of both parties and 80% of the people behind him.Unfortunately, the people have for the most part forgotten that ensuring freedom is a difficult road and many will fall along way. His policies may have been flawed and his final management of the War on Terror is questionable, but at least he knew the problems of the world can't be solved by throwing money at them. He knew you couldn"t just shake ends and smile your way out of a crisis. Or just ignore it. Its three A.M. Pres. Obama why aren't you answering the phone? I guess We the People will just leave a voice mail.

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