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When I was at primary school I found many books confusing, especially if they related to division and multiplication. I did not assume that just because I found the books confusing that everyone else would. Neither did i throw a tantrum and demanded a raid on the author and the publishers. Instead I sought help from those who understood the topics to explain then to me. Over time these books were no longer confusing and I joined the ranks of the “math enlightened” among my peers. I guess my response at being confronted with books that were confusing was quite mature for someone still at primary school then. How old was Cik Sulastri and her cohorts in 2012?

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The treatment meted out to this poor woman seeking to support her family is pure, un-fettered cruelty. It breaks the heart see that there are some who would consider other humans no better than dogs. As a Christian I see another human as someone who is like me also created in the image of God, and therefore has intrinsic worth and value. What beliefs would anchor world views which lead to another member of the human race being treated as a sub-human or even a non-human? This is not just a moral issue but also a spiritual one.

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To any rational person this case is about abusing conversion to Islam as the tool for child kidnapping, and then hiding behind the protection of the laws afforded by the shariah courts in complete confidence that those entrusted to adjudicate are more focused on the letter of the law and care not for its spirit. Because of the gross unfairness of these same custodians and the un-mitigated pain and suffering this has brought to the wronged party, this should be a topic of conversation in the national forum. Just because a vocal few lack the wit and the cogency needed to engage in this conversation rationally and instead issue threats does not mean that we are to shut down the conversation. Instead we are to confront these bullies, call them out for what they are and bring a charge against them for threatening the peace. Tan Sri tuan IGP, history has taught us again and again that appeasement has never worked against bullies. So instead of trying to shut down the conversation identify those who issue threats and go after them. We all know who they are.

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Ku Nan, did you know that one of the first petitions in our corporate prayers at church service is for God to anoint our nation’s leaders and give them the wisdom that is needed to lead wisely?

In order to help you gain a better understanding of what is taught from the pulpit of our churches, I would like to as a Christian invite you to join me at church services for a month of Sundays. You can chose two churches and I will choose two. We could do this in a way that the churches are not forewarned of our attendance so as not to influence the message. Heck, I would be happy to drive you in my old banger and even buy you halal lunch for fellowship meal after the services. My fervent prayer would be that you come with an open mind and receive God’s word with an open heart in order that it’s truth brings light where there is darkness, understanding there is confusion.

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Datuk Mohamed Fadzli Hassan , the reality is that if the clock can be turned back, knowing what we know now the majority of Malaysians would have chosen not to have Shariah courts. Two sets of laws cause confusion and division. Given the reality that we do have Sharjah courts then indeed they should be strengthened but not in the way you think. Here are three key issues.

Firstly you need to distinguish what is a sin from what is a crime. The scope of any court should be restricted to dealing with crime. Allow the God you worship to deal with the sin without your help.

Next, replace the focus on punishment with the focus on restoration and rehabilitation. Cutting the hands off a convicted thief does nothing to restore and rehabilitate that he may again be a useful member of society.

Finally replace dogma with compassion and uphold the spirit of the law and not just the word of the law. Allowing a child kidnapper to get away simply because he happened to convert to your religion whilst denying his wronged spouse is not compassionate. Neither does it uphold the spirit of the law.’

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This is so heart-breaking that the life of a child is lost because an adult who should have known better was more intent on forcing a confession instead of discovering the truth.

This is not about SOP. SOP is meaningless without understanding. It is about the lack of compassion and empathy in the adult for the child, who is clearly not her own. It is about the adult who is so sure that she was right that she was prepared to go to extra-ordinary lengths to shut down any response from the child that could prove her wrong. If the adult was convinced that the child had stolen the phone, a quick call to the number would have sufficed. How will she now live with the guilt that her accusations and escalation had precipitated this tragedy?

Rest in peace, young Vasanthapiriya. The Bible tells us that God has a special place in his heart for children. May He shed his grace upon you and take you into his arms.

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Like Saudara Bajau who commented earlier I would whole-heartedly support any attempt on the part of Dewan Bahasa to translate the Bible. My reason of course is entirely different. 😀
In fact I believe that every scholar from Mais, Jais, Jakim should be invited into this team of translators in order that they are guven every opportunity to read, critique and understand the Bible and find out for themselves who Jesus is. My prayer is that God will use this to open eyes which are previously blinded, open minds which are previously closed to bring light to places which need it.

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After such a public display of his own extremist views, can we trust him to deradlucalise anyone? Are these deradicalisation sessions even monitored? For all we know he could just be offering sympathy and tacit encouragement. I would sooner trust Pol Pot to deradicalise Stalin.

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As a Christian I believe that free thought and free speech are enshrined in our belief that every human is created in the image of God. I have no issue whatsoever in Zakir Naik, Mufti Zenk and Haslin Baharim being given their platforms and opportunities to espouse their views. But I also believe that God gave us minds and the ability to reason in order to discern truth from untruths. Furthermore I believe in the free market of ideas.

So if the likes of Naik, Zenk and Baharim are permitted to promote their world views then I would expect that other thinkers of differing world views are given the same opportunities to not only defend their beliefs in person against the claims of Naik, Zenk and Baharim but also to promote their own world views and to challenge the faith espoused by the trio.

I would like to see Christian thinkers like Dr David Wood and Dr Jay Smith being given the same platform and opportunities to defend the authenticity of the Christian Bible, the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus and the claim of Jesus as God in response to these challenges from the trio. I would like the same Christian scholars in turn given a fair hearing when the question the authenticity of the Qur’an. Yes, and I would like to see atheist thinkers like Dawkins and Hitchens given the same opportunity to espouse their world views in Malaysia.

Truth is not arrived at by shutting out ideas which disagree with our own. Truth is discerned by thinking through these ideas but by thinking no through, by reasoning and by challenging.

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Daulat Tuanku. While it is right to remove accredition from this person please do not let him be the scapegoat. He is after all just a foot soldier doing the bidding of his paymasters. Your Majesty, the poison which is causing this divisiveness is the divisive doctrine spread by a certain overpaid and overfed department with budget over a billion ringgit. Follow the example of Johor and remove Selangor from the influence of this department and other states would follow surely in order to restore our beloved country to sanity.