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People should cast away thoughts encouraging disunity and understand that Malaysia belongs to them.
Beautiful sentiments YAB Perdana Menteri! How is this going to be implemented? The way people think is a direct result of their world view, how they are taught, their role models and the environment in which they are conditioned to think. You cannot expect someone to think one way today and the opposite next day unless there is compelling reason. That compelling reason comes from a changed world view, a changed environment and a better set of role models.

If you take a look at the issues which divide Malaysians today you will find that the crux if it lies in the promotion of the supremacy of one race and one version of one religion over all other religions. I do not need to go into details, the evidence is plentiful. So I ask you what is it that promotes this world view of supremacy? Whatever it is, if you are really serious about addressing disunity then start by dismantling the structures and environments which promote and sustain this world view of supremacy of one race over others and one version of one religion over all religions.

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The destruction of a culture is sad, more so if it is from within. Growing up in a kampung in the 50s and 60s with mostly Malay neighbours I have so enriched by their traditions and folk culture. I really feel sad to see their children and grandchildren are being robbed of their heritage, in exchange for an alien Arab culture disguised as religious piety. This is cultural colonisation.

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Why? Christians are more concerned about modeling Christ and living out their faith. If Christians truly believe in the teachings of Jesus as in the parable of the Good Samaritan and the truths of the sermon on the mount, they have to help all in need. Extending help is a tangible way of showing God's love and something we can do. The outcome, we leave to God.

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Bless you Saudari Sabariah, your actions show that you understand the heart of God. In James 1:27 this is what Jesus had to say about true religion.
Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.
It is not to enforce the externals, but to provide the hands and feet in humbly delivering God's compassion. You are indeed a towering Malaysian.

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Anyone with average intelligence would be able to spot the incongruence of telling people not to politicise religion whilst at the same time also exhorting the use of the political system to promote one particular religion. This is like telling someone not to complain about pain whilst at the same time exhorting that the silence is licence to inflict even more pain. Does it even make sense?

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Don't waste time looking for non existent saboteurs. What would be the motivation anyway? It takes a lot more than a misprint to upset good and well established diplomatic relations anyway. The causes are plain and simple. Carelessness, lack of attention to detail, lack of ownership. What was the approval process for the prototype design? Who carried out proof-reading?

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As a Christian I do not subscribe to the world view of my many atheist family members, friends, colleagues and neighbours but I will respect and defend the intellectual choices they made whether to believe or not believe. Using rukun negara to justify witch hunt is nonsense. The last time I recited the rukun negara in Bahasa Malaysia, the actual word used is Tuhan and not specifically Allah. For the atheist, their Tuhan is science, reason and logic.The fact is simply in the light of the very distinction made by the likes of Jawi in defining Allah as solely for Muslims, former Muslims who embrace the Tuhan of science, reason and logic are certainly not violating rukun negara. Now I may find that my atheist friends use of science, reasoning and logic flawed but that is a different issue altogether.

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The way this particular faith system goes about securing head count and preventing opt out, you would think it is a MLM scheme...with commission paid for every head count. Never mind the the sincerity and depth of faith...just count the numbers.

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Pepper, As a Christian I am mandated and empowered to engage with anyone of any faith or no faith at all in respectful dialogue that we may both seek the facts and reasons behind our different world views, that I may give reason for my faith and that we may know the truth which sets us free. Following the model of Jesus whom I follow, this requires me first to engage my heart that I may love the person of a different belief, then my ears that I may hear his views, my mind that I may understand both his views and my own faith before engaging my mouth that it may provide respectful and reasoned speech. In the thirteen years which followed my conversion from atheism to Christianity I have found my faith challenged but never weakened. Through engagement I have also acquired many atheist friends for whom I pray. They know it too!

Any faith system which chooses not to respond to non-believers with love and respectful engagement but instead with threats of vehement persecution is both intellectually and morally bankrupt.

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Except this is no laughing matter. If the Minister is threatening to vehemently hunt down those who do not believe exactly why he believes then potentially no one except himself is safe. This is an assault on free thought.