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Like Saudara Bajau who commented earlier I would whole-heartedly support any attempt on the part of Dewan Bahasa to translate the Bible. My reason of course is entirely different. 😀
In fact I believe that every scholar from Mais, Jais, Jakim should be invited into this team of translators in order that they are guven every opportunity to read, critique and understand the Bible and find out for themselves who Jesus is. My prayer is that God will use this to open eyes which are previously blinded, open minds which are previously closed to bring light to places which need it.

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After such a public display of his own extremist views, can we trust him to deradlucalise anyone? Are these deradicalisation sessions even monitored? For all we know he could just be offering sympathy and tacit encouragement. I would sooner trust Pol Pot to deradicalise Stalin.

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As a Christian I believe that free thought and free speech are enshrined in our belief that every human is created in the image of God. I have no issue whatsoever in Zakir Naik, Mufti Zenk and Haslin Baharim being given their platforms and opportunities to espouse their views. But I also believe that God gave us minds and the ability to reason in order to discern truth from untruths. Furthermore I believe in the free market of ideas.

So if the likes of Naik, Zenk and Baharim are permitted to promote their world views then I would expect that other thinkers of differing world views are given the same opportunities to not only defend their beliefs in person against the claims of Naik, Zenk and Baharim but also to promote their own world views and to challenge the faith espoused by the trio.

I would like to see Christian thinkers like Dr David Wood and Dr Jay Smith being given the same platform and opportunities to defend the authenticity of the Christian Bible, the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus and the claim of Jesus as God in response to these challenges from the trio. I would like the same Christian scholars in turn given a fair hearing when the question the authenticity of the Qur’an. Yes, and I would like to see atheist thinkers like Dawkins and Hitchens given the same opportunity to espouse their world views in Malaysia.

Truth is not arrived at by shutting out ideas which disagree with our own. Truth is discerned by thinking through these ideas but by thinking no through, by reasoning and by challenging.

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Daulat Tuanku. While it is right to remove accredition from this person please do not let him be the scapegoat. He is after all just a foot soldier doing the bidding of his paymasters. Your Majesty, the poison which is causing this divisiveness is the divisive doctrine spread by a certain overpaid and overfed department with budget over a billion ringgit. Follow the example of Johor and remove Selangor from the influence of this department and other states would follow surely in order to restore our beloved country to sanity.

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“Jakim takes seriously the lecture delivered by Zamihan, a Jakim caderisation officer in Home Ministry placed in the Kajang Prison. His lecture uploaded on YouTube was accused of containing elements criticising His Majesty the Sultan of Johor,”

Note the complete absence of any reference to other aspects of the lecture. If the only reason to haul up Zamihan is criticism of His Majesty, then far from distancing themselves from Zamihan , Jakim has given tacit approval of his message. If Jakim truly believes that what is being taught in Zamihan’s message is wrong, they need to condemn it unequivocally. In this case it appears that action is being taken only because the preacher offended a royal.

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“We heard that you will speak about commonalities between Islam, Judaism and Christianity… We don’t like that kind of stuff,”
Whether Jawi likes it or not there are commonalities among these three Abrahamic faith systems. That is the truth and in the free market you can either agree or disagree to the claim, and argue against it if you dusagree. To simpmy deny opportunity to someone to speak a truth you do not like is to display lack of critical thinking skills needed to frame a counter argument and also cowardice, the same kind of cowardice displayed by school playground bullies. Why is it that this speaker is denied a platform to speak whilst Zakir Naik was welcomed? Clearly Naik’s message was liked, never mind if it is true. Sad day when we close our ears and minds to what is true in preference to what we like.

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People should cast away thoughts encouraging disunity and understand that Malaysia belongs to them.
Beautiful sentiments YAB Perdana Menteri! How is this going to be implemented? The way people think is a direct result of their world view, how they are taught, their role models and the environment in which they are conditioned to think. You cannot expect someone to think one way today and the opposite next day unless there is compelling reason. That compelling reason comes from a changed world view, a changed environment and a better set of role models.

If you take a look at the issues which divide Malaysians today you will find that the crux if it lies in the promotion of the supremacy of one race and one version of one religion over all other religions. I do not need to go into details, the evidence is plentiful. So I ask you what is it that promotes this world view of supremacy? Whatever it is, if you are really serious about addressing disunity then start by dismantling the structures and environments which promote and sustain this world view of supremacy of one race over others and one version of one religion over all religions.

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The destruction of a culture is sad, more so if it is from within. Growing up in a kampung in the 50s and 60s with mostly Malay neighbours I have so enriched by their traditions and folk culture. I really feel sad to see their children and grandchildren are being robbed of their heritage, in exchange for an alien Arab culture disguised as religious piety. This is cultural colonisation.

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Why? Christians are more concerned about modeling Christ and living out their faith. If Christians truly believe in the teachings of Jesus as in the parable of the Good Samaritan and the truths of the sermon on the mount, they have to help all in need. Extending help is a tangible way of showing God's love and something we can do. The outcome, we leave to God.

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Bless you Saudari Sabariah, your actions show that you understand the heart of God. In James 1:27 this is what Jesus had to say about true religion.
Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.
It is not to enforce the externals, but to provide the hands and feet in humbly delivering God's compassion. You are indeed a towering Malaysian.