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So Bachmann becomes the leading GOP candidate by hiring a guitar-strumming redneck and buying 6000 tickets to some ridiculous dog-and-pony show... It's not the corruption that bothers me the most, but rather the paltry sums her followers are whoring themselves out for. Have they no shame or sense of self-worth? At least they could have held out for Rascal Flatts or something like that.

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Is that some sorta new dance craze sweeping the capital? Like the Funky Chicken or the Mashed Potato (now known again as the "Mashed Potatoe" as there is once again a Quayle in the House) or the Loco-Motion?

If so, how does one do the Sharia?

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Also, I may be showing my lack of savvy here, but is that AGB website real? With the "Satanist!" screeds against Tim LaHaye and Chuck Colson, of all people, I would have thought it was a parody, but you never know with those guys.

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Whoa! And it has a "Christian Counter", too! I wonder if it counted me when I stopped by?

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Tucson's a nice enough place; I'm moving away in a month, and there are a lot of things I'll miss. The rest of AZ, however...

Oh, and this is a good article about the Baja as well:

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...I believe in God, I say Merry Christmas...

This would have been enough to get this dingbat elected in Arizona or Alabama. Good on ya, Marylanders!

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She's clearly a liberal plant. This is a plot to make conservatives look bad. Y'know, like that old dude who shot up the Holocaust Memorial in D.C.

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Louie Gohmert: so stupid he couldn't be elected in Arizona. Think about that, willya?

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...“Has this body no shame, no compassion, no respect?”...

Please. This is, after all, the people who wanted to call this law the Giffords Act.

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I'm with Pareene here - Arpaio is about 268 years old and loves the nitty-gritty of local intimidation too much to run for federal office. I had missed that Kyl was retiring, though; good riddance to bad rubbish!

BTW, have y'all seen Sheriff Joe's tank? He rides it around town on parade days: