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Nonsense? Bush committed the US to giving Israel $3.15b in military aid per year for 2013-2018 in addition to other money for specific purposes.

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Patriotic Americans should oppose the Peres visit because of the outrageous abuse of religious liberty being committed by the hosting site. As a religious institution, Temple Emanu-El is sheltered from taxes. Using the facility to promote what, doubtless, will become a call to continue American support of Israeli aggression, regardless of how the visit is promoted, is an abuse of the religious freedom Americans cherish.

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Every American should support this protest and not just for the reasons mentioned. We all should be appalled by the willingness of American legislators to slash Medicare without giving a thought to the billions of dollars they will send to Israel to make war on its neighbors. What matters more to them...the welfare of American citizens or the welfare of Israeli citizens?

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Defence Secretary Liam Fox has resigned after controversy surrounding his relationship with his friend Adam Werritty

This doesn't seem to have been an intimate relationship but, perhaps, an improper financial relationship.

Mr Fox realised he was in deep trouble when it emerged that Mr Fox’s former flatmate had received £147,000 over the past year from a range of financial backers, including a corporate intelligence company with a close interest in Sri Lanka, a property investor who lobbies for Israel and a venture capitalist keen on strong ties with Washington.

Given that Mr Werritty had seen Mr Fox at least 40 times over the past 16 months, the scale and nature of the funding for Mr Werritty prompted further questioning about whether the relationship between the two men breached ministerial guidelines and whether the defence secretary was running a parallel foreign policy.

All this, of course, makes Dr. Fox the last person in the world we'd want to give us economic advice.

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Do you guys really believe the cost of birth control pills varies with the number sexual encounters?

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If we were to rely on conservatives to define poverty, we'd say that anyone who had a bare minimum, say one meal per day, wasn't poor because at one time not having something to eat everyday was the definition of poverty.

Standards change over time. So should our definition of poverty.

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Fire fully 70% of federal workers in this country and you would see economic growth like never before seen.
I don't think so. We've had depressions and recessions before. We don't need to see economic "growth" like that again.

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Why do the takers call it class warfare only when the makers start fighting back?

For years, the rich have been rigging public policy to take more of what workers make. Now that the makers are demanding some of it back, the takers start whining about class war. Certainly, we can recognize the power of the greed but have they no shame? Can't the rich share a little of what they've taken from the makers without whining?

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You're absolutely correct. It all comes down to the Constitution.

That's why the case will be slam dunk for AffordableCare. Congress has the power to regulate commerce using all necessary and proper means.

Case closed.

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Did the slaves have the right to risk their lives on the Underground Railroad, and seek their freedom in the North?
No. See "fugitive slave law."