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No doubt you met with Deep Gibberish in 2010, when Obama signed the law. With Trump in charge, you'll have to talk to his replacement - Deep Idiocy. Half the regulations, but twice the derp.

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Ms Flowers, the implication was that America was less than great because there had been a Democrat in the White House. And because Obama was African-American, there was an element of racism, too. I'm pretty sure you're smart enough to see that, which means you're being deliberately obtuse with this column...

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"The government's making your kids transgender!" Mr Shannon screams. Well, there's only one thing for Americans to do! Vote these guys out! Put decent, conservative, God-fearing Republicans in charge!

Oh, wait...

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Once again, Mr Reagan says 'this is fine', and compares Trump to dear old dad.

Mr Reagan, according to Lou Cannon, who interviewed your father numerous times, he would be appalled by Trump's lies, denigration of opponents and critics, and lack of principles. So why aren't you?

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Republican senators are cowardly hypocrites? You don't say! In other news, the sky is blue, grass is green, and water is wet.

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And the fact that the White House is refusing to disclose thousands of documents about Judge Kavanaugh. Why, it's almost like they're hiding something. That slightly bitter taste just became full-blown nausea. Rush that hearing, boys. You're setting precedent...

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Yikes, don't give him ideas...

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To the anonymous staffers - Mr Micek is quite correct. Step up, speak out, and resign. Republicans are supposed to be patriotic, putting the country ahead of their own interests. If, using your own sound and conservative judgement, you have also come to the conclusion that Donald Trump is unfit for office, it is your obligation, nay, your DUTY to speak up.

Not a constitutional crisis - a constitutional remedy.

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Spoken like someone who has never been the victim of racial violence...

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And if this was a liberal judge, Mr Reagan would be howling about Democrats ramming this through Congress...

It's still cute how he's sticking up for Trump, too, even when his own people have admitted he's unstable and clueless.