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If you listen to the entire unedited video of Sherrod IT'S WORSE.
Shirley Sherrod's lawsuit is a joke.
She knows it.
Shirley Sherrod, in either the edited or unedited version, says some really racist things.
Listen for yourself.

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Andrew was a wonderful, inspirational hero in the new conservative movement.
I will miss him terriby!
Prayers to his family.

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Very nice tribute from a young lady.
Andrew Breitbart was a fighter for the conservative cause.
His courage and creativity was inspiring.

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The Ignorant Leftist Occupy has one tool: disrupt and shut down free speech.
The Ignorant Leftist Occupy cannot debate the issues.
The Ignorant Leftist Occupy is paid by George Soros and Obama intermediaries.
The Ignorant Leftist Occupy is paid $60 to read some crap off note cards.

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Right on, conservative sista!
I'm going to send the link to this clip to all my friends!

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Here's Stephanapolous, again, trying to divert the Republican candidates away from the horror that is Obama.
Mr. Santorum is a Christian, but as president, he will represent ALL THE PEOPLE, regardless of their faiths.

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Great Obama ad for his re-election!
Vote Obama, tax the rich!
Hey O'Reilly, go suck an egg.

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Bill O'Reilly and Mr. Watters should let President Obama use this for their re-election political advertising.
It's an endorsement of Obama's view that the rich are excessive and need to pay more taxes.
If Americans haven't learned yet, Mr. O'Reilly is not a conservative, he's a populist with redistributionist leanings.
Mr. Obama thanks O'Reilly! :>)

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We have bankruptcy laws for a reason.
Bankruptcy doesn't mean failure, it means reorganization and improvements and fiscal soundness.
It was the auto unions along with management who screwed the auto workers.
* ridiculous pay scales
* ridiculous legacy costs and pensions
* ridiculous medical benefits

Why should the American taxpayer pay more taxes so a Chrysler retiree can get a cadillac medical care at no cost?
Especially when that American taxpayer is struggling to pay for his or her OWN medical care, but doing it.

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The libs can demonize, but solutions?
And the paltry solutions they do offer are ridiculous:
* wind (windmills is a technology from the Middle Ages)
* solar (solar energy is not sufficient to power even the smallest devices, let alone vehicles)

Obama thinks the laws of supply and demand are to be ignored; just like what is stated in the Communist Manifesto, all the traditions, history, and institutions are worthless, and what is important is only the here-and-now.
Mr. Obama doesn't believe that the price of oil will come down if the supply of oil in the U.S. increases, which would involve more drilling in the U.S. Unfortunately, Americans are held hostage by the environmentalist shock troops who want no drilling, anytime, anywhere.

Thinking Americans know about supply and demand.
Increased drilling: will bring the prices down
Increased drilling: will create new jobs
Increased drilling: will lower our dependence on foreign oil